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1.7. Worldox Configuration

These instructions provide a more detailed look at the Symphony Profiler Worldox configuration settings, which are available by navigating to Edit > Preferences in the Symphony Profiler Processor.

1.  Confirm that the Worldox User Code listed in the User ID section is the one you would like the Symphony Profiler Processor to use

Tip: Symphony Profiler will only process areas of Worldox that it has read/write access to.  For this reason, we recommend (but do not require) that you configure this user as a 'Manager' user in Worldox.  If you use ethical walls, be sure that the user you select has access to all areas of your document repository

2.  Enter the path for the Worldox application in the Worldox Network Folder.  NOTE:  If you are running Symphony Profiler Processor as a Service, then you must enter the UNC path of the Worldox installation in the field

3.  Select "Refresh List" (this will tell you which Profile Groups that user has access to)

4.  Determine if you would like to add the Symphony menu and buttons to Worldox (recommended).  If so, check the check box.  For more information on the Symphony Menu, visit  Symphony Profiler Workstation Installation Instructions


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