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5.2. Licensing


This is where your Symphony OCR license is set. To change your Symphony OCR license, simply click "Licensing" from the Configuration side bar, enter your new license, and select "Save Changes."

License Details

Provides you details of the license.

Features Allowed by your License

This area tells you which features are allowed by your license.

Updating your License

Starting with version 6.4.96, Symphony OCR will have an 'Automatic License Update' feature.  Basically, after you've paid your renewal invoice with Trumpet, a new license is automatically generated.  So if your installation has access to the Trumpet servers, Symphony OCR will automatically see this new license, download it and install it.

Note:  Symphony will check for a new license once every 3 days under normal circumstances, and once per day when your license is within 30 days of expiring.

If you've paid your invoice (and received notification of a new license) and don't want to wait for the automatic update to kick in, you can click the "Check for Updated License" link on this page.  This will manually trigger Symphony OCR to retrieve the updated license from Trumpet's servers.  As mentioned, all of this assumes your installation has access to Trumpet's servers.  If a connection cannot be established, you can always copy/paste your new license into this screen.

When you receive notification from Trumpet that your new license is generated, it is still highly recommended that you A) update your installation to the latest version of the software, and B) verify your license has been updated.


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