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9.3. Notifications

Notifications allow users to be emailed nightly based on the status of Symphony OCR.

  • Enter the email address for the person you wish to receive notifications in the "Add e-mail address" box

  • Select the Notification Type from the drop down

Each email address may be configured with one of four types:

Never - nightly emails will never be sent to this recipient (instead, after entering an email address you can select "Send Now" and deliver an email to the recipient on demand).

When there are errors - the nightly email will only be sent to the recipient if the overall system condition is Error.  This is useful for recipients who only need to know when the system is not processing documents because of some major error (licensing issues are the most common major error).

When there are warnings or errors - the nightly email will only be sent to the recipient if the overall system condition is Warning or Error.  The warning condition is triggered by documents in the Needs Attention list, configuration problems or other system level issues that should be looked at, even though they haven't completely stopped processing from occurring.

Always (aka Daily) - the nightly email will be sent to the recipient every night regardless of system status.  This is useful for firms who want to monitor the 'Not Processed' lists to ensure that every document that couldn't be OCRed (e.g., because of security or corruption) has been reviewed.  Users can review documents in the various 'Not Processed' lists and either correct the underlying issue, or move the documents to the Ignore list using Bulk Operations >Ignore.

  • Select "Save Changes"

If you have a user leave the firm or you no longer wish for a particular user to be notified, you can change the Notification Type to "Never" or remove the user entirely by selecting "Remove" to the right of the address.

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