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5. Release Summary 2.0

Summary 2.0
  • Added support for printing to Acrobat XI
  • Improved performance for "Send to > Printer" operations
  • PDF splitter is now 25% faster when reading large PDF files
  • When you hover over an item in the display lists of the Emailer, Publisher, or AutoFiler tool, you will see the full text
  • You can now copy and paste the status grid from the Emailer Tool for compliance purposes. This includes the document identifier and the date sent
  • Added option "SSL w/Self Signed Cert" to the Emailer Tool's preferences as an authentication method for users with Self Signed Certificates
  • Added "Create Relationship" checkbox.  When this checkbox is selected, the newly filed documents will be set up as children of the specified path identified in the field,
  • When the "Delete Original After it's been Filed" checkbox is selected, the Worldox Auto-Filer will delete the files from the input folder after they've been successfully filed.  Now, you don't have to delete the files as a separate operation.

Worldox Auto-Filer, File System Auto-Filer and Trumpet Publisher Enhancements:

  • View in Explorer - You can now right-click on a document in the document list and chose "View in Explorer".  This will open up Windows Explorer, highlighted on the document you've selected.
  • Preview - You can now right-click on a document in the document list and chose "Preview". This will open a copy of the document.  This can be handy if the filename doesn't include useful information you need to identify for mapping purposes.
  • Docs / Minute Readout - This display provides you with an estimated time required to file or publish documents.  It can be found at the bottom of the window once you've opted to split / publish / file the documents.
  • Cancel - You will now see a "Cancel" button.  This allows you to stop the tool from splitting, publishing, filing - whatever tool you're working in - in case you need to make changes.

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