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7.3. Editing a Virtuoso find template to add or adjust column headers


Column header templates are configured in Worldox, and can be saved in a way that they are associated with a given find template.  The process for modifying column header templates for searches used by Virtuoso is a little tricky because Virtuoso creates an artificial search called 'zVIRTUOSO' when you launch a search.  If you save column header templates in association with the zVIRTUOSO find template, they will not stick.  Editing an existing template is a little complicated - we first have to open the template in Worldox, adjust it so it will actually return some search results, perform the search, adjust the columns as desired, then save the columns.


  1. In Worldox, click Find, Start a New Serch
  2. At the bottom of the Find Files dialogclick the Back button
  3. A list of all find templates will be displayed.
  4. Switch to the Public tab, then locate the search you wish to edit, then click the Edit button at the top of the dialog (if the Edit button is grayed out, click the green 'select' checkmark button)
  5. The find template will be displayed
  6. Replace the {!CONTACTCODE!} marker with a valid value (this is to get Worldox to actually return search results)
  7. Click OK to perform the search
  8. Configure your column templates as desired
  9. Right click in the column headers, choose Save Column Template
  10. Set the radio button to 'Associate with this type of list: xxxxxxxx'    (and confirm that the list name is the find template you are actually trying to edit)
  11. Click Everyone (to set the column header for all users)
  12. Click OK to save the column header template


When you perform the Virtuoso search associated with that find template, the columns will be adjusted to the template you saved.

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