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1.7. Salesforce Connection Set Up

Assemblage may utilize a firm's existing SOQL (Salesforce) Database to collate various pieces of content. This requires Assemblage to log into the Salesforce API.  When you log into Salesforce from an outside application (Assemblage) using the Salesforce API, you must to add a security token to the end of the user's password.

Prior to setting up your Salesforce Connection in Assemblage, you must obtain this security token.

Obtain a security token from Salesforce

From Salesforce:  Navigate to Setup > My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token.  This will send a token to the user.

Once you have the security token, you are ready to configure the connection for Assemblage.

Configure Assemblage to connect to Salesforce

This configuration is available from the main Assemblage application under Tools > Preferences > Salesforce connections:

Enter the Salesforce username in the Salesforce user field

Enter the password and security token in the Password field (enter your password first immediately followed by the security token, without any spaces or characters in between)

Select "OK"

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