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Guide Archives :: iFrame - Salesforce/Worldox Integration

1. Worldox iFrame within Saleforce

1.1. Using the iFrame

These instructions are demonstrating use of an iFrame installed within the Contacts entity of Salesforce. Experiences may vary slightly depending on where/how your iFrame has been installed/configured. Otherwise, using this tool should be pretty intuitive as it performs a search for you and then you work from the results. Now, let's get started!

Step 1: Log in to Salesforce

Step 2: Navigate to the location that you’ve had iFrame installed. For this example, we’ve installed our iFrame into our Contacts (yours may vary). So, first click on the Contacts tab then choose a contact.



Step 3: Now you’re in the contact card for that particular contact. We’ve installed our “Worldox” iFrame as the first frame underneath the Contact Details. Now you’ll input your Worldox WebMobile credentials (note this is different than your Worldox Cloud/WDSAAS credentials):



Step 4: Immediately after logging in to your WebMobile account, iFrame runs a search for documents listed under this particular client code. The documents returned are controlled by a built in Search/Find Template specific to your firm. Typically, they return ALL client related material from one or more client related cabinets.

Note: The ?@Client Docs that you see in the screenshot below is the Search/Find template name being used in this example. The Search/Find template is saved and controlled within Worldox, and can be adjusted within Worldox to change the behavior of what is being searched approach with caution as it controls the behavior for all users.

Now, as for the list of documents returned, and the columns you see:

The Columns are controlled using the 'Columns' button. You can add or remove columns, however if you want to permanently adjust the columns that appear her, you may need to log in to Worldox WebMobile directly (through a new browser tab) to adjust your preferences going forward.

To interact with the files you'll use the button with 3 dots, to the left of each document row. See the screenshot of item descriptions below for tips:


  • Download – Downloads a full copy of the document without checking it out. (a duplicate doc)
  • Preview – Toggles a simple viewer open and closed on the right hand sign.
  • Check-out – Use this to download and check out a document. Be sure to save it locally after downloading!
  • Check-in – Check in any docs you’ve checked out. Having them saved in a convenient location makes this a breeze!
  • Profile – Opens profile card to view its details.
  • Email – Sends an outgoing email with the selected document (via “do-not-reply@worldox.com”). Can send a full copy or a Worldox link.
  • +Worldox (top right of file list) – Opens your search through Worldox interface directly.
  • Columns – Use this to select and deselect column headers of your choice.
    • Note: Some columns may be labeled as Field # due to this search being across multiple cabinets. When you select a file, the column header will change to indicate the appropriate column header for that document.
  • Upload (above file list entirely) – Integrated drag and drop of browse to upload docs straight in to Worldox.
    • It's recommended you just do this through your normal save processes, and not through the frame within SalesForce.

2. FAQs

2.1. Why is iFrame is asking me to log in to Worldox every time I refresh my contact?


When the user moved from one contact to another in SalesForce (or just clicked the Refresh button on a given contact), the user was forced to log into Worldox again.

Note: This is caused by Internet Explorer security settings blocking cookies


Adjust Internet Explorer's settings as follows:

Open Internet Explorer
Type Alt (this will cause the menu bar in IE to appear)
Choose Tools->Internet Options
Switch to the Privacy tab
Make sure that the 'Select a setting for the Internet zone' option is set to Low


2.2. Why can't I see my file list when in Chrome? - Only 3 dots


While using Chrome: The iFrame is showing WebMobile, it’s running the correct search, but no documents are appearing AND when I log in to WebMobile thorugh the browser directly to test, I don’t see documents there either!


Check Chrome’s settings: Settings>System>Use Hardware Acceleration

Having it UNchecked results in the display issue. Checking it, to make it blue, is the solution. However, you may need to turn this on and off and close the browser a couple times to get it to stick. It seemed a bit finnicky when we ran into it the first time. Especially, if you go to the setting and find it already checked. Uncheck it and save. Close browser. Re-open, check the setting, save, close browser. Re-Open and test.


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