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1. Getting Started With Attach Plus

1.1. System Requirements

What are the system requirements to use Attach Plus?

The latest version of Attach Plus works with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Terminal Services
  • Windows NT 4
Note: Attach Plus is strictly Windows-based and does not operate on a Mac computer.  Also, note that Attach Plus does not integrate with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Note: If you are running on a version starting with a 2.x.x then it is NOT compatible with Windows 8 or newer. Click here for more info on why.

Click here to see the list of e-mail applications that integrate with Attach Plus.


1.2. Email Application Integration

Attach Plus currently works with:

  • Outlook® (2000 through 2016) - 32 bit* desktop installed versions
  • Outlook Express® (6.0)
  • Groupwise® (6.0 and above)
  • Goldmine® e-mail (5 and above)
  • ACT!® e-mail (6 and above)
  • Eudora® (6 and above)
  • Lotus Notes® (6.0 and above)**
  • Thunderbird**
  • Netscape 7 and above**
  • Hotmail / Windows Live Mail**
  • Yahoo!Mail*** (see setup FAQ)
  • Gmail*** (see setup FAQ)

*Attach Plus does not integrate with the 64 bit version of Outlook, for more information visit I have a 64 bit version of Outlook! What should I do?  Also, 'Click to Run' or "Trusted Store App" versions of Office are known to cause integration issues. Office should be installed as a full "Desktop App".  Lastly, Attach Plus does not integrate with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Note: If you are running on a version starting with a 2.x.x then it is NOT compatible with Office/Outlook 2013 or newer. Click here for more info on why.


> Attach Plus does not support the "Recent Items" list in Outlook 2016.  It does still support attaching by using the paperclip, then 'Browse This PC'.

**Paperclip button integration not available.

***Paperclip button integration not available; requires additional software from Affixa. 

Attach Plus is NOT compatible with AOL, as AOL does not allow external integration.  Attach Plus is also not compatible with Mac-based programs.

To inquire about integration with additional e-mail applications, please visit Testing Integration with new E-mail Applications.


1.3. Installing / Re-installing Attach Plus

Upon purchasing Attach Plus, you will receive an email with your license number and link to the installer.  Alternatively, you can use the instructions below to install Attach Plus:

  1. Download Attach Plus from http://attachplus.com/tryit.jsp    Note:  Some users have reported issues downloading using Google Chrome.  If you run into this issue, please try Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  2. Follow the install wizard, accepting the defaults to install
  3. When prompted, type in your license number
    (if you are re-installing Attach Plus, refer to http://support.attachplus.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=72 for tips on finding the license number)

Please be sure that the license number has capacity for the total number of PCs that Attach Plus is installed to.  The first number of the license number tells the allowed install number (e.g. for license "8-M-.....", the maximum number of PCs is 8).  If needed, you can purchase additional licenses here:  http://attachplus.com/buyit.jsp

If you have a Terminal Server installation, information about licensing is covered on our Purchase Page.


1.4. Configure Attach Plus to Work with your E-mail Application

To configure Attach Plus, right-click on the Attach Plus icon in the system tray and select 'Settings'.

From the General tab, locate the "Use the following e-mail application" drop-down menu:

Select your default e-mail program from the drop down menu and click "OK".

Attach Plus is now configured to work with your default e-mail program.

1.5. How do I find my Attach Plus license number?

Your license number was originally sent to you via email after Attach Plus has been purchased.  If you have Attach Plus installed, you can also find your license number by following the steps below:

  1. With Attach Plus running, right-click on the yellow Attach Plus icon in your system tray and select "Settings"
  2. Switch to the Licensing tab
  3. Your current license number will be shown

If you do not have access to Attach Plus to locate the license number, please e-mail us at support@attachplus.com to request it. Please be sure to provide the e-mail address you used when you purchased your Attach Plus license.

If you'd like to see when your license will expire then click on the "Change License" button. One of the radio buttons will tell you how many days are remaining on your license.


1.6. How do I Enter my Attach Plus License Number?

These are the steps for entering a license number into Attach Plus:

  1. Locate the system tray 
  2. Click on the triangle

  3. This will show all of the programs in the system tray

  4. Locate the Attach Plus Icon and right-click on it to see the program menu

  5. Click on settings
  6. In the Settings dialog, locate the "Licensing" tab

  7. Select the "Licensing" tab
  8. Once on the "Licensing" section, you will notice your current license for Attach Plus and the option to "Change License"

  9. Click "Change License" button
  10. This will give you four licensing options

  11. After deciding on one of these options, click the "Next" button
  12. Enter your new Attach Plus license in the box provided or select one from the list

  13. Once the new license has been entered (or selected) click the "Finish" button
  14. This will return you to the main licensing page and you should see a message under your license indicating that it is valid.


1.7. Uninstalling Attach Plus

To uninstall Attach Plus, simply go to:

Start > All Programs > AttachPlus > Uninstall Attach Plus


Or, you can use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall.


2. Integration with Other Applications

2.1. Attach Plus Integration with Microsoft Office

Attach Plus integrates with Microsoft Office in two ways:

  1. Using Send-To integration (visit Using Send To Integration for more information)
  2. Via the Attach Plus print driver (visit Converting a Document to PDF for more information)

Special Handling of Excel Workbooks

In Excel, note that selecting the "Convert to PDF" option converts only the selected worksheet(s) ("tabs") - not the entire workbook. To convert an entire Excel workbook to PDF and customize the appearance of the pages, use the Attach Plus print driver: 
  1. Select File > Print
  2. Select either "Attach Plus - Save and E-mail PDF" or "Attach Plus - E-mail PDF" from the list of printers, and click Print
  3. This will convert the entire file to PDF, then bring up the Attach Plus dialog to further customize, where you can select the correct pages to attach, etc.

2.2. 'Send To' and 'Send As' Integration

Send To and Save As integration gives the user the option to take the file they are currently working on and attach it to an e-mail. For example, when working with Microsoft Office files, select File > Send to > Mail Recipient to begin an Attach Plus session. Also, you can use the "send to" functionality from Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and your desktop.

Enabling File > Send To Integration

  1. Right-click on the Attach Plus icon in the system tray
  2. Click Settings...
  3. Under the General tab, ensure that the "Enable File-Send To integration" option is checked
  4. Click OK

In fact, for GoldMine and ACT e-mail users, Attach Plus makes these options available for the first time (this is known as MAPI integration).

Using Send To Integration

Microsoft Office

Attach Plus integrates with the File > Send to feature within Microsoft Office applications:

In Office 2003: File > Send To > Mail Recipient
In Office 2007: Office button > Send > E-mail
In Office 2010 and 2013: File > Save & Send > Send Using E-mail > Send as Attachment
In Office 2016: File > Share > Email > Send as Attachment

Internet Explorer

Use File > Send > Link By E-Mail to send a link to the current page
Use File > Send > Page By E-Mail to send the entire contents of the current page
Use File > Print and choose the Attach Plus print driver to send the entire contents of the current pages a PDF

Note: Due to a limitation of Internet Explorer, it is not currently possible to use the "Convert to PDF" option when using "Send To" and Internet Explorer - use the Attach Plus printer instead.

Windows Explorer

Right-click on the file(s) that will be attached > Send To > Mail Recipient

2.3. Integration with Worldox


Worldox is a popular document management system with which we have built out special integration points.



Resolution of document descriptions based on Worldox doc ids

if you attach a file from Worldox to Attach Plus, Attach Plus will automatically resolve the doc id of the file to it's Worldox description/extended name

Resolution of Worldox WDL files to meaningful names

If you are sending a file as an internal Worldox link (WDL file), and the WDL contains only a single file, Attach Plus will automatically name the attachment with the Worldox description of that file, instead of the default "1 File(s)" description that Worldox sends.

Integration with Worldox file Save As and File Selection dialogs

Attach Plus version or higher

If Worldox is running, Attach Plus will automatically use Worldox SDK integration to present a file selection dialog during paperclip integration, and the Worldox Save As dialog when printing to the Attach Plus - Save & Email PDF printer

Attach Plus version prior to

The following hook definitions can be used to enable file section and file save integration.

Note: we do not support these hooks - you should work with your Worldox reseller to configure integration or resolve any issues related to Worldox integration


[AttachPlus!Attach Files]
PopupTitle=Attach Plus - Select File*

[AttachPlus!Save PDF]
PopupTitle=Save As



[AttachPlus!Attach Files]
ApplicationName=Attach Plus
Title=Attach Plus - Attach

[AttachPlus!Attach Files Loop]

[AttachPlus!Save PDF]
ApplicationName=Attach Plus
Title=Attach Plus - Save PDF


If you use an email client other than Microsoft Outlook

The following changes are required if you use an email client that doesn't support Extended MAPI (GoldMine, WindowsMail, etc...).

In your firm's worldox.ini file, locate the [Email] section (add it if it doesn't exist), and set the following values (this is OK to set, even though you don't use Microsoft Outlook - it tricks Worldox into working properly):

ClientEx=Microsoft Outlook



3. Using Attach Plus

3.1. Introduction to Attach Plus

Attach Plus works in several different ways:

  • Using the "Attach" button in an existing e-mail message ("paperclip integration")

    In an existing e-mail message, click the paperclip icon, select the file(s) you wish to attach, and then click the Attach Plus icon in the file selection dialog.

    Note: Paperclip integration is not available in most web-based email applications

  • Choosing the Attach Plus print driver from the File > Print dialog

  • Using right-click > Send To > Mail Recipient from within Windows Explorer ("Send To integration")
  • Using the File > Send To menu command from many Windows applications ("Send To integration")

Many software applications (e.g., Excel, Word, etc.) have a menu option that allows you to send the file you currently have open as an e-mail attachment.

Note: You must have Send To integration enabled in order to integrate Attach Plus with this function (learn how).  This gives you the option of attaching an open, working document to an e-mail.

Attach Plus also allows you to attach the file to an e-mail in progress - something the regular Send To option doesn't allow.

Important Note: When 'File > Send To' integration is enabled, Attach Plus will configure itself as the default Windows e-mail client. In some instances, your e-mail application may show a dialog box warning you that it is no longer set as the default e-mail application.  You may ignore this warning. Attach Plus ensures that Windows mail requests continue to be sent to your existing e-mail application, even though it is not configured as the default. Your existing e-mail application will continue to have the same functionality, even thought it is not the default e-mail application.


3.2. Attach a Document Using Paperclip Integration

  • From your new e-mail message, click on the Attach Files button

  • This opens the "Attach Plus - Select file(s)" screen
  • Navigate to the desired drive, folder and file
  • Select the document(s) you wish to attach
  • Click the Attach Plus button at the bottom of the window

  • The Attach Plus window will appear - to send a file in its native format, simply click the Attach button.

A copy of your document, in its original format, is now attached to your e-mail


3.3. Password Protect/ Encrypt a File

If you are sending sensitive documents via e-mail, you should ALWAYS use encryption. Attach Plus helps you do this easily by allowing you to convert to PDF (or take existing PDFs) and encrypt documents as you attach them to an e-mail message.

  • From your e-mail, click on the Attach Files button
  • This opens the "Attach Plus - Select file(s)" screen
  • Navigate to the desired drive, folder and file
  • Highlight the document you wish to attach to the e-mail
  • Click the Attach Plus button at the bottom of the window

  • The Attach Plus window will appear

Encrypt as a PDF

  1. Select the file that will be encrypted

  1. Select the PDF file format
  2. Click on Password Protect - this pops the Set Encryption Password window

  3. Type in the password twice - click OK
  4. Click Attach
  5. Your document is automatically converted to a PDF, encrypted, password protected & attached to your e-mail

Encrypt a ZIP File

  1. Select the files that will be sent as an encrypted ZIP file

  2. Select ZIP File as the file format
  3. Check the Password Protect checkbox
  4. When the message dialog opens, select "Yes"

  5. This opens the "Set Encryption Password" dialog

  6. Type in the password twice - click OK
  7. Click Attach
  8. Your document is automatically converted to a ZIP file, encrypted, password protected & attached to your e-mail

Tip: You can set different Recipient and Sender passwords - click here to find out how.

Tip: You can use "Send To" from several applications before clicking the "Send" button in Attach Plus. This will allow you to encrypt several PDF files from different sources without re-typing the password for each file.


3.4. Zip Archiving

Occasionally, you may need to send large documents to recipients. Many advanced users choose to ZIP (or compress) large files before sending them through e-mail. This speeds up the transfer of the files (and may allow a file to be sent through e-mail that would have otherwise been blocked because it was too big).

Attach Plus makes it easy to ZIP documents "on-the-fly," as you are attaching them to an e-mail message. Keep in mind, however, that your recipient must have WinZip 9.0 or higher to decrypt the zip files created with Attach Plus.

The following steps show how to create a ZIP archive of your document(s):

  • From your e-mail, click on the Attach Files button
  • This opens the "Attach Plus - Select file(s)" screen - Navigate to the desired drive, folder and file
  • Highlight the document you wish to attach to the e-mail
  • Click the Attach Plus button at the bottom of the window

  • The Attach Plus window will appear

  • Select "ZIP File"
  • Click Attach
  • Your document is now zipped & attached to your e-mail

Tip: You can use Send To from several applications before clicking the Send button in Attach Plus. This will allow you to ZIP archive several files from different sources before actually attaching them to an e-mail.

Encrypted Zip Files

The only encryption supported by Attach Plus in the ZIP format is the new 256 bit strong AES encryption zip format promoted by WinZip. This means that your recipients will need to have WinZip 9.0 (or another ZIP application capable of reading AES encrypted ZIP files, such as PK Zip Reader) to extract data from the ZIP file created by Attach Plus.

Note: The older ZIP format supported rudimentary password protection, but the encryption in the old format was not strong enough to be practically used for encrypting email attachments. Because of this, Attach Plus does not support the old style ZIP password protection.


3.5. Send as a Windows Shortcut

Sometimes you want to send an internal email with a reference to a file on your network (as opposed to sending a copy of the file). This would, for example, allow you to collaborate on the editing of a Word document.

Attach Plus makes this easy to do with the 'Shortcut' attach format.

When you are attaching a document that Attach Plus determines can be accessed by other users on your network (i.e. the file is on a network drive), the Shortcut attach format becomes available.

Attach Plus also gives you the option of changing the name of the shortcut that will be attached to the email.

Tip: If you are using Shortcuts, you may want to consider the advanced 'Sending using Attach Plus Links instead of Shortcuts' feature.

Important: Some versions of MS Outlook will warn the recipient of an email that contains shortcut attachments that the attachment may be a virus. This is a precaution to prevent outside attackers from sending a shortcut that may launch an application that the user does not want.

Shortcuts created by Attach Plus do not contain viruses - this is just a warning message that Microsoft added to Outlook to protect some users from themselves.

Note: When using Send To integration, some applications (Worldox for example), create a temporary copy of the document before sending it on to Attach Plus. In this case, the document that Attach Plus receives is not available on the network. In this situation, the Shortcut attach format will not be available, even though the source document itself is, technically, on a network drive.


3.6. Convert a Document to PDF

Converting to PDF

If the file is not already in PDF format, you can use Attach Plus to convert it to a PDF "on-the-fly".  Attach Plus comes with a built-in PDF print driver for this purpose.

You can use Attach Plus to convert a file to PDF in two ways:

  1. Use the Attach Plus print driver
    • Select File > Print from your application's main menu
    • Select either "Attach Plus - Save and E-mail PDF" or "Attach Plus - E-mail PDF" from the list of printers, and click Print
    • This will convert the file to PDF, then bring up the Attach Plus dialog to attach (the "Save and E-mail PDF" print driver will also prompt you to save the PDF copy)
  2. Using the main Attach Plus "attach" dialog
    • Select the PDF file format from the Attach Plus dialog
    • This will convert it to PDF as part of the attachment process

 Note: If your file is already in PDF format, you will not see the "PDF" option displayed.


3.7. Set PDF Restrctions

The PDF format allows you to restrict how your recipients can use the PDF files you send them. For example, you may wish to limit printing of the document to low resolution only - or you may want to prevent the recipient from copying text from the PDF.

The Attach Plus 'Restricted PDF' attach format allows you to determine what your recipient can do with the PDF file they receive.

The following restrictions are available:

  • Watermarking - apply the specified text as a watermark to the PDF
  • Print restricitons
    • No restrictions - The recipient can print the PDF at full quality
    • Low quality - The recipient can only print the PDF at reduced quality (150 dpi)
    • No printing - The recipient can not print the PDF at all
  • Allow text copying - Users of Acrobat or Acrobat Reader can typically highlight text in a PDF and copy and paste it into another application. Uncheck this box to prevent the recipient from copying the text from your PDF
  • Allow content modification - Users of the full version of Acrobat can perform rudimentary editing of any text that appears in a PDF file, add or remove pages, add annotation and fill in form elements. Uncheck this box to prevent the recipient from making changes to the PDF. Note: you can add some of these permissions back in with the next three options.
  • Allow page add/edit/move - Allow users to rearrange, add or delete pages in your PDF file, even if Allow content modification is not allowed. This option has no effect if Allow content modification is checked
  • Allow annotation modification - Allow users to add or edit comments, stamped images, highlights, etc... and fill in form elements in the PDF, even if Allow content modification is unchecked. If Allow content modification is also checked, users will be able to add new form elements to the PDF as well
  • Allow form fill in - Allow users to fill in form elements, even if Allow content modification and Allow annotation modification are both unchecked

Tip: If you are attaching a pre-existing PDF (as opposed to converting a document to PDF), the original PDF will NOT be changed/restricted in any way. These restrictions only apply to the PDF that is actually attached to the email message.

Tip: If you password protect a restricted PDF, and you specify a Sender Password, then the restrictions added to the PDF by Attach Plus can be changed/removed using the full version of Acrobat and the Sender Password. This probably isn't a big need, but if you want to go back and adjust the restrictions to the PDF that was attached to the email, you can do it this way.


4. Usage Questions

4.1. Testing Integration with new E-mail Applications

If you use an e-mail application that is not currently on our list of supported email clients (see the list of compatible e-mail applications), we still may be able to integrate.  The two requirements for integration are:

  1. that your e-mail program is MAPI compliant and
  2. that Send-To integration works
You can try the following steps to test whether Attach Plus will work for you:
Step 1: Test whether you can use the Send To-Mail Recipient feature to initiate a new e-mail in your mail application
  • in Word or Excel, create a test document and do a File > Send To > Mail Recipient (As Attachment)
  • confirm that it attaches the Word file to an e-mail in your e-mail program (make sure you are logged into your e-mail account, of course)
This will be the first step in determining whether Attach Plus has the ability to integrate with this e-mail program. If Send-To integration does not work, then unfortunately Attach Plus will not be able to integrate. If it does, then we'll try the next step:
Step 2: With Attach Plus installed and running (you can download the free trial at http://www.attachplus.com/tryit.jsp if you do not already have it installed on your workstation), test to see if Attach Plus can find your e-mail program. To do this, right-click on the yellow Attach Plus icon in your system tray and select Settings (again, please make sure that you are logged into your e-mail account). Under the General tab, use the drop down to see if you are able to locate your e-mail program.
This is the second step in determining whether Attach Plus will work for you. If Attach Plus is unable to locate your e-mail application upon installation, that means that your e-mail application is not MAPI compatible, which is another requirement for integration.
Step 3: If the above 2 steps work for you, then we're in good shape! Under the same Attach Plus Settings tab, select your e-mail application and *make sure that Send To integration is enabled* (this is very important!). If your mail app warns you that it is no longer the default mail application, that is okay - you should *not* set it back to the Windows mail application.
Step 4: Open a Word document, then do two tests:
  1. Print the document to the Attach Plus - E-Mail PDF print driver, then click Attach and confirm that a new email window opens with the attachment on it
  2. Use the File > Send To > Mail Recipient (As Attachment) menu again in Word. Choose the PDF attach format in Attach Plus, then click Attach and confirm that a new email window opens with the attachment on it
If all of the above steps do work, then you'll be able to use Attach Plus via send-to integration and via the print driver. Note that if your e-mail application is web-based, Attach Plus will *not* be able to work directly from the attachment option (i.e. paperclip integration) in your email program - this is a limitation of all web-based email applications.
If you find that integration with your e-mail program does work, please email us at support@attachplus.com to let us know - we'll get it added it to our list of integrated e-mail applications!

4.2. Does Attach Plus modify my original files?

No. Your original files are left "as-is."


4.3. Does the e-mail recipient need to have Attach Plus to view their attachment?

No, they just need to be able to open the file format of the attachment (PDF or ZIP).

If e-mailing an encrypted PDF file, the recipient will need Adobe® Reader 5 or above to view it (because Attach Plus uses 128 bit strong encryption). The viewer is available for download from Adobe® for free at Get Adobe Reader

If e-mailing an encrypted ZIP file, the recipient will need Winzip 9 or higher to open encrypted ZIP files. A trial of the latest version of Winzip can be downloaded from www.winzip.com.


4.4. Can I save a copy of the PDF I send to the e-mail recipient?

Attach Plus automatically stores a copy of the file in the sent box of your e-mail application.

If you would also like to store a copy of the PDF at another location, select File > Print. Select the "Attach Plus - Save and E-mail as PDF" option. You will be prompted to save the file before the file is attached to the e-mail.


4.5. I purchased a new computer. How do I install Attach Plus using my existing license?

To install Attach Plus to a new workstation:

  1. Navigate to www.attachplus.com/tryit.jsp
  2. Select "Download Attach Plus"
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation
  4. When prompted, paste in your license number. To find your license number, refer to "How do I find my license number?"
  5. Be sure to completely uninstall Attach Plus from your previous workstation to ensure you are in compliance with your EULA (End User License Agreement). For instructions on how to uninstall Attach Plus, refer to "How do I uninstall Attach Plus?"


4.6. How do I merge documents to create PDF Bookmarks?

  1. Upon your first attachment, the Attach Plus dialog opens
  2. Simply click the open folder icon in the upper right corner and select files, then click Attach Plus button
  3. Notice in the upper left corner, Attach Plus counts the documents added
  4. Click on PDF or Restricted PDF
  5. Check the "Merge multiple PDFs" checkbox
  6. Click document to Resort and Rename, click ok
  7. Check Password Protect if necessary
  8. Click the Attach button
Note: You can also attach and merge print output via the Attach Plus Print & Attach feature.


5. Questions about Attach Plus encryption

5.1. Encryption Type and Attach Plus

Private Key. Attach Plus leverages the encryption in PDF Triple DES 128 bit, ZIP encryption uses AES 256 bit.


5.2. Opening an Encrypted PDF File

Your e-mail recipients must have Adobe® Reader 5 or above to view the encrypted PDF file (along with the password used to encrypt the file)

The viewer is available for download from Adobe® for free at: Get Adobe Reader

What happens if the recipient does not have Adobe Reader version 5 or above?
If the user has Adobe Reader version 4 or less, the user will receive a warning message stating that the current version of Acrobat cannot open this file.

If the user does not have Adobe Reader at all, they will not be able to open any PDF attachment. Fortunately, most users have Adobe Reader installed - if not, they can download the most current reader for free from: Get Adobe Reader


5.3. Opening an Encrypted ZIP File

E-mail recipients must have Winzip version 9 to view an encrypted ZIP file (along with the password you used to encrypt the file). Decryption instructions are included in every encrypted ZIP file. A trial version of the Winzip viewer is available for download from Winzip for free at www.winzip.com


5.4. Password Exchange

Password exchange is done at the same time the recipients e-mail address is gathered. Typically passwords are gathered on initial client consultation forms, phone, forms etc. Most recipients are eager to provide a password to help protect their data.


5.5. Password Storage

Passwords are best kept on your client's contact record in your Contact Management Software. We recommend creating a new contact field called "PDF Password". This keeps your passwords secure, but also easily accessible.


5.6. Attach Plus and Message Body Encryption

Attach Plus encrypts the attached documents and files only. Attachments are where client SS#, financial, contract, account number are typically found in e-mails, never put this information in the e-mail body.


5.7. Lost or Forgotten Recipient Password

If you have not recorded your recipient passwords, encrypted PDF's cannot be opened. However, if you prescribe to a two password PDF, you can use your other password.

Two Password PDF -
You can add two kinds of passwords to protect your Attach Plus PDF documents. You can add a Recipient (Document Open) password so that only users who have the password can open the document. You can also add a Sender (Permissions) password so that only users who have the password can open and change the permissions for the document. Tip: It is a good habit to assign a "Sender" Password, later you can bypass looking up Recipient password when opening old e-mail attachments. This also helps in an emergency with forgotten Recipient passwords.


6. Advanced Features

6.1. Advanced Settings

Note: The information provided in this document is provided "as-is".  These settings are not guaranteed to be in future versions of Attach Plus, nor do we provide free support for questions regarding them.


To set an advanced setting, do the following:

  1. Right click, Settings
  2. General tab
  3. Click Change Global Settings...
    Tip: If there isn't a Change Global Settings button, skip this step
  4. Advanced tab
  5. Put the setting name and new value in
  6. Click Apply
    Note: This pushes the settings into the registry - there is no way to check the current values via the Attach Plus user interface (these are *advanced* configuration options, after all).  When returning to this dialog, those settings will not be displayed.
  7. After you are done adding settings, close and re-start Attach Plus


Commonly Used Advanced Settings in Attach Plus

onload.enableAPLinkHandling - APLink handling is a special type of Windows shortcut that works with Outlook (by default, Outlook doesn't allow sending of Windows shortcuts without the user jumping through massive hoops). 

onload.DisableHooks - set to 'Y' to turn off 'paperclip' integration

advancedOptions.showAdvancedSettingTab - set to 'N' to not show the advanced tab at all

encryptedDocument.securedByFileNamePostfix - By default ' (Secured by Attach Plus)', but you can change it to any text you wish

pdfamyuni.sendEmailForSaveAndEmail - set to 'N' if you want the Save & Email print driver to act as just a simple PDF print driver (user is prompted to save file, but the Attach Plus dialog doesn't appear afterwards)

pdfamyuni.openPDFInsteadOfSaveForSaveAndEmail - set to 'Y' to open the PDF instead of saving or emailing it when printing to the Save & Email print driver.

zip.encryptIfPasswordRemembered - set to 'Y' to have encryption checkbox automatically checked if the 'remember password' setting is turned on (see passworddialog.advanced.rememberpassword)

zip.allowUnencryptedAttachment – set to 'N' to have Zip attachments fail if not encrypted

pdf.encryptIfPasswordRemembered - set to 'Y' to have encryption checkbox automatically checked if the 'remember password' setting is turned on (see passworddialog.advanced.rememberpassword)

pdf.allowUnencryptedAttachment - set to 'N' to have PDF attachments fail if not encrypted

passworddialog.advanced.rememberpassword - set to 'Y' to remember the sender password from one attachment to another.  This is still reset when Attach Plus shuts down (we don't permanently remember the password), but can be a time saver in certain situations where the user is sending a lot of things to the same recipient every day.

passworddialog.advanced.showrememberpasscheck - set to 'Y' to show a checkbox that allows the user to control the passworddialog.advanced.rememberpassword setting

pdfplus.watermarkquality - defaults to 50.  Adjusts the quality of the watermark.  50 works - best not to change it unless you have a problem with watermark quality

pdfmulti.showbookmarkstab - instructs Acrobat to display the bookmarks tab for the generated PDF (if bookmarks are specified)

pdfmulti.showreorderoncheck - shows a dialog allowing the user to re-order the files when merging multiple files


6.2. Recipient and Sender Passwords

Recipient and Sender Passwords

Attach Plus gives you the ability to set two passwords on the PDF files that you password protect. This allows you to have a master password that you can use to open any password protected PDF email attachment from the Sent folder of your email system.

The two passwords you can set are:

  • Recipient - This is the password that you should provide to the recipient of your email. You will want this password to be different for each recipient.
  • Sender - This is the common password that you can specify to allow you to easily open PDF files that you have sent. Using a Sender password is optional, and you can always open the PDF file using the Recipient password

Setting a Sender password

In any of the PDF password dialogs (click here to find out how to show the password dialog), click the 'Use Sender Password' button to expand the password dialog and show the Sender password fields.

Tip: Attach Plus will remember the Sender password you type in, until Attach Plus is closed.


6.3. Keyboard Shortcuts

Attach Plus contains many time saving keyboard shortcuts. In most dialogs, pressing the Alt key will cause buttons that have keyboard shortcuts associated with them to underline the shortcut letter.

The following is a list of some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts:

Main Attach Plus Dialog

  • Alt + W = Show password dialog (for attach formats that support passwords)
  • Alt + A = Attach files now
  • Alt + C = Cancel
  • Alt + S = Select additional files (useful for merging files!)

Select File(s) Dialog

  • Alt + 1 = Go back to the previous directory
  • Alt + 2 = Go up to the parent directory
  • Alt + A = Send selected files to the Attach Plus dialog

6.4. Using Attach Plus Links instead of Windows Shortcuts

One issue with using Attach Plus to attach shortcuts is that when the recipient double clicks on the attachment, it opens the document directly.  There are some situations, where the recipient would prefer to have Windows Explorer open with the file selected.

If the recipient has Attach Plus installed, then the 'Use Attach Plus links instead of shortcuts' option on the Advanced configuration page can do this.

To enable:

  1. Right click, Settings
  2. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, on the General tab, click the Change Global Settings... button
  3. Switch to the Advanced tab and enable the 'Use Attach Plus links instead of shortcuts' checkbox

To test:

  1. Attach a file from your network, and choose the Shortcut attach format (Note: The Shortcut format will only be available for files stored on your network).
  2. The attachment icon has the yellow Attach Plus logo:

    and double clicking it opens Windows Explorer with the file selected

A couple of key things to consider:

Important: The *recipient* must also have Attach Plus installed in order to open Attach Plus Link attachments

Note: You can control this feature using the Attach Plus Group Policy Administrative Templates using the 'Enable Attach Plus link shortcuts' policy


6.5. Attaching Folders

Windows does not allow sending of folders by right clicking on a folder and choosing Send To->Mail Recipient. It translates the folder into individual send requests for every single file inside the folder.
So at this time, there is no way to attach a shortcut pointing at a Windows folder - an easy workaround is to choose one file inside the folder and attach a shortcut to it.

7. System Administration

7.1. AttachPlus – Oracle Java Announcement

AttachPlus versions 3.1.0 and higher install a private Java Runtime, based on the open source Liberica JDK. Liberica JDK will be installed to C:\Program Files (X86)\trumpet\Java when running the latest version of our installer.

This is available now and you are encouraged to update to this version at your convenience. See instructions below.

Why did we make this change?

Starting with the April 2019 update, Oracle JDK 8 will have commercial use restrictions.  For details on these restrictions please visit:  https://medium.com/@javachampions/java-is-still-free-2-0-0-6b9aa8d6d244

Attach Plus has used the pre-April 2019 versions of the Oracle Java Runtime, so none of our customers are in violation of the license, however, we felt that it was important to move to a different Java distribution that does not involve a commercial use restriction.  We have settled on the Liberica JDK open-source distribution of the Java runtime.  The Liberica distribution license has no commercial use restrictions and is ok to use with any of Trumpet's products.

When you next install AttachPlus, it will switch to using the private Liberica Java installation, after which it is safe to uninstall the Oracle Java installation (unless you have other software that relies on the Oracle Java runtime, in which case you should reach out to the software provider for their plan).

Installation instructions

  • Right Click on the AttachPlus icon in the system tray by the clock and choose "Settings"
  • Select the "Updates" tab
  • Select “Check Now”
  • This will redirect you to the AttachPlus website
  • Select the "Download" button
  • Run the installer accepting all defaults

If AttachPlus requires a newer version of Java, it will download and install it automatically.  Note that this also allows AttachPlus to ensure that the version of Java we use is not old.

This Java installation is used only by AttachPlus and/or Trumpet's other applications — no other applications will use it.

If there are no non-Trumpet applications on the machine that use Java, it is safe to uninstall the Oracle Java from the machine.


7.2. Group Policy Administrative Templates

Group Policy Administrative Templates

This section provides tips and techniques to aid in deploying and administering Attach Plus on many workstations.  This document describes how to configure default configuration settings for deployment, and how to run the installer in silent mode.

Important:  Support for Group Policy was added to the Attach Plus application in version  Please make sure that you have a build newer than that before using this procedure.

Attach Plus can be managed in Group Policy (GP) using the attachplus.adm administrative template file (included in the installer at C:\Program Files (x86)\AttachPlus\administrative templates).  The process for installing the administrative template is as follows:

  • Copy the attachplus.adm file into your domain controller's %windir%\inf folder (e.g. C:\Windows\inf\attachplus.adm)
  • Open the group policy editor for the GP you wish to add the template to (Note:  You can create multiple OU's or use security on the GP itself to control which users have a particular policy applied).
  • Select 'User Configuration\Administrative Templates'
  • Right click, Add/Remove Templates
  • Click Add, browse to %windir%\inf\attachplus.adm, click Open, then click Close
  • Open the 'User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Attach Plus' branch to see the various configuration options


Other Settings

Attach Plus has many settings, not all of which are exposed through the administrative template at this time.  If you have specific needs, be sure to let us know (support@attachplus.com)

Special Machine Level Group Policy Settings

Attach Plus includes Group Policy (GP) settings in attachplus.adm that can be used to force certain workstation level settings.  At this time, these settings pertain to forcing Send To integration to be enabled, even for users without Power User or Administrative rights, or on Vista workstations:

  • Follow the steps earlier in this document for installing attachplus.adm
  • Open the Group Policy Object Editor
  • From the main menu, Click View->Filtering
  • DE-select the 'Only show policy settings that can be fully managed' checkbox:


  • Open the 'Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Attach Plus\Startup' branch
  • Double click the 'Force Send To integration to be enabled' policy and change it to Enabled.

Important Note:  This setting is not a true policy setting.  If the policy is changed to 'Not Configured', or the administrative template is unloaded, the setting will not revert to it's prior value.

Important Note 2:  If this setting is applied to a workstation that does not have Attach Plus installed, the default mail client for the workstation will be cleared.  This will happen every time the workstation logs in while the policy is active.  Please make sure that this policy only gets applied to workstations that have Attach Plus installed.

  • Once the policy is set, the workstations will receive the new setting at their next reboot.

7.3. Silent Mode for Installer

Silent Mode for Installer

The Attach Plus installer can be launched with a /S command line argument (note that this is case sensitive, so you must use a capital 'S').  Silent mode installs the application to the "C:\Program Files\AttachPlus" directory without displaying any on-screen information.

In addition, if Group Policy has already been applied and the following Attach Plus policies are in place:

Startup\Set product license – Enabled

Startup\Show the welcome wizard – Disabled

Startup\Force Send To integration to be enabled – Enabled


then the user will not be prompted for any information (a completely silent installation).  You may also be interested in additional options in the administrative template, including the 'Startup\Force integrated mail application' option.

Note:  The print driver installation routine performed by the Attach Plus installer must be run under workstation Power User or Administrator privileges. Ensure that your deployment script addresses this requirement.

The procedure for silently deploying Attach Plus is then:

  • Configure Group Policy (be sure to include the Startup policies defined above)
  • Execute the Attach Plus setup executable using the /S command line argument

8. Getting Help

8.1. Support

If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please open a support ticket at support.attachplus.com

Note: Attach Plus support is free through the Knowledge books or email. Telephone and desktop support is available but on a per incident basis ($95/incident).

If you are reporting a problem with Attach Plus, please supply this data:

  • Attach Plus version number (found on the "About" screen)
  • A detailed description of the problem, and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred
  • What email application you are using (e.g. Outlook 2010)
  • What operating system are you using (e.g. Windows 7)



8.2. Getting Updates

Automatic Updates

Attach Plus automatically checks to see if you have the latest version every 7 days. You will be prompted only if there is an update available.

We recommend you leave the default check box "Keep checking every 7 days" selected to ensure best performance.

If you have any questions about the update process, please feel free to contact us.

Manually Checking for Updates

You can check for updates at any time by:

  1. Right click on the Attach Plus system tray icon
  2. Choose the Settings... menu
  3. Switch to the Updates tab
  4. Click 'Check Now'

8.3. MAPI Support

Attach Plus supports e-mail attachments that are initiated through the Mail Application Programming Interface (MAPI) standard.

Until now, Goldmine users have not been able to use MAPI e-mail integration from other applications.

See the Using Attach Plus from other applications page for more information on how to take advantage of this feature.


8.4. User Account Control (UAC) Information

Oftentimes, issues can be solved by ensuring that UAC Controls are set properly. 


UAC in an important security enhancement that Microsoft added to Windows Vista and above.

There is a lot of misunderstanding of what UAC does, and how to configure it.  This article will (hopefully) provide some insight into the UAC mechansim, and convince you that you should not change UAC settings from the defaults that Microsoft ships with.

What Exactly Is UAC?

Under UAC, certain areas of the operating system are locked down so only 'administrators' can access them.  These include certain areas of the Windows registry (e.g. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) as well as areas of the file system (C:\Program Files\ for example).  To further complicate things, the concept of an 'administrative login' has changed quite a bit since the pre-UAC days.

When is an Administrator not an Administrator?

Under UAC, Administrative privileges are only granted to a user login that is *elevated*.  Generally speaking, elevation only happens with an explicit click on the UAC elevation 'Continue' button, such as in the following dialog:


Even if your user is part of the "Administrator" security group, an application you launch will not have true 'admin' privileges unless you approved the UAC dialog.

Disabling UAC Notifications (and why you shouldn't ever do it)

Windows provides a setting that allows you to control whether UAC prompts will be displayed or not.  To get to this dialog:

Windows 7 & 8: Control Panel->Action Center, then click the 'Change User Account Control Settings' link on the left side. 

Windows 10:  Control Panel->User Accounts, then click the 'Change User Account Control Settings' link in the center.

(Don't you just LOVE the way Microsoft moves these things around?)

This will present a dialog as follows:


If you drag the slider all the way to the bottom, you will no longer be prompted for UAC elevation.  However, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, this does NOT mean that you have turned off UAC.  UAC is still active - all you have done is removed the ability of the user to be notified that UAC elevation is required to perform the operation they are attempting to do.  This will cause applications to fail in strange and unusual ways.

We strongly recommend that you leave the UAC Notification slider in it's default position (as shown above).  Your software will probably not work properly if you change this.


9. Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

9.1. Attach Plus Most Common Issues

The following is a list of the most common issues/questions that we receive about Attach Plus:

Running a 64-bit version of Office

Attach Plus is only compatible with 32-bit Office.

Described here:  64-bit Office 

Attach Plus was unable to properly integrate with your mail application

This error is caused by running a 64-bit version Outlook, as described above.

Resolution:  Uninstall 64-bit Office and re-install 32-bit Office

Office 2016 specific items

For Office 2016, Microsoft has changed a few things, including the way they interact with MAPI configurations.  Consequently:

> Make sure you have the desktop version installed:

Attach Plus does NOT support the "Trusted Microsoft Store app" version:

> Attach Plus does not support documents on the 'Recent Items' list of Outlook 2016.  You must use the 'Browse this PC...' menu to use Attach Plus:

> Attach Plus requires Office 365 "click to run" delivery systems to be installed as "off line ready" versions of the Office 2013/2016 to the desktop. 

> Office 2016 applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) do not appear to respect the MAPI configuration for Attach Plus.  As such, Attach Plus will not integrate when using the "Share" menu shortcut, as it does in previous versions of Office. 

UAC set improperly

This is by far the most common cause of issues with Attach Plus.  Please ensure your UAC settings are as we recommend BEFORE installing Attach Plus.  Note:  Changing this UAC setting often requires a reboot.

Described here:  User Account Control (UAC) Information

Improper installation

Attach Plus needs to elevate to properly install.  If the user running the installation does not have local administrative rights, Attach Plus will likely not install properly.  The result could be one of the many "Printer not activated" errors.

One resolution will be to run the installer as an administrator:

  1. Close Attach Plus
  2. Navigate to Attach Plus installer package
  3. Right-click on the installer package > Run as Administrator
  4. Allow Attach Plus to install and then launch
  5. Close Attach Plus (This step is important!!)
  6. Re-launch Attach Plus normally (do NOT run as administrator this time)

Problems with passwords or any type of JVM errors

These are almost always caused by an issue with the local installation of Java.

Resolution:  Uninstall ALL instances of Java (via the Control Panel), and then re-install the Java component.  To uninstall, look for "Java Runtime (Liberica, Trumpet private)".  Uninstall both, then download and run the Java installer here:   http://resources.trumpetinc.com/getresource/TrumpetJavaSetup

Microsoft Edge integration

Due to the design of the Microsoft Edge browser, printing to the 'Attach Plus — E-mail PDF' and 'Attach Plus — Save & E-mail PDF' printers are not supported.

Other more generic Office-related issues

Lastly, running a repair on Office can resolve some of the more enigmatic issues.

When all fails...

The above list addresses probably 90% of the support requests we receive for Attach Plus.  But if the above items don't help, please have a look through the other pages here to see if your issue has been specifically addressed.  And if you can't find it in our specific articles, feel free to send us an email at support@attachplus.com.


9.2. Goldmine Cloud Runtime Error


When opening Attach Plus with Goldmine Cloud users can report receiving a Runtime Error that closes the program.


  • Launch AttachPlus
  • While Attaching a document
  • Right click on the AttachPlus icon in the System tray by your clock and choose "Settings"
  • Select the "Goldmine tab" 
  • Set the appropriate path for your temp files

Note:  AttachPlus has not been tested for Goldmine Cloud Integration


9.3. File selection dialog doesn't have Attach Plus button


After working properly for some time, clicking the Attach (or paperclip or Insert) button in the email application brings up the applications regular file selection dialog instead of the Attach Plus file selection dialog (in other words, the Attach Plus button is missing from the file selection dialog).

Before continuing, please make sure that Attach Plus is actually running and that the problem still happens.


If a plugin to Outlook has changed the behavior of the Attach button, it will prevent Attach Plus from properly intercepting the mouse click.  We know for certain that Winzip has an Outlook add-in that causes this problem.

To test, launch Outlook in Safe Mode and see if the problem goes away

Also, refer to the following related articles:

Paperclp integration does not work after installing the Zimbra connector

Paperclip integration does not work after installing ShareFile addon for Outlook


Uninstall the Outlook add-in that is causing the problem


9.4. Attach Plus not running errors


Attach Plus is running, but you get the following error message when you print to the Attach Plus print driver:



This means that you are somehow running Attach Plus in a different process space than your source application.  If you are doing a Send To->Mail Recipient operation from a file on your desktop, and you are still getting this error, then it means that Attach Plus is the one running in a separate process space.

This can be caused by several things:

1.  If you have turned Compatibility Mode on for the AttachPlus.exe process, the operating system will run Attach Plus in a restricted mode that effectively forces it into a private process space.  To check this, right click on the AttachPlus.exe file, Compatibilty tab, and ensure that the following settings are UNchecked:

  • Run this program in compatibility mode
  • Run this program as an administrator

As a matter of course, you should not have ANY checkbox checked in the Compatibility tab.

2.  If UAC on your workstation is mis-configured, Attach Plus may be launching with UAC Virtualization enabled.  To check this, open Task Manager, Processes tab.  Locate the AttachPlus.exe process, right click and ensure that the UAC Virtualization checkbox is UNchecked:


After making the above changes, you will need to close and re-open Attach Plus.


9.5. No associated application for printing this file type Error


When converting a file to PDF, the user receives an error as follows:

Attach Plus Error
Unable to send files to target.
Unable to print file 'xxxxxxxx' to pinter 'Attach Plus - E-mail PDF'
No associated application for printing this file type


Windows maintains a list of associated actions (or verbs) that can be performed against files of different types.  Attach Plus uses the Print To verb to convert documents to PDF.  If the Print To verb for the file you are trying to convert does not exist, or is mis-configured, then Attach Plus will not be able to convert that file. 

Important: troubleshooting this issue involves advanced administrative tasks like editing the registry.  You should involve your IT support personnel if you aren't completely comfortable with this discussion.


Here is a general procedure for determining the configuration of the Print To verb for a given type of file.  This procedure describes the process for TIF files, but it applies for any extension.

  1. Open Regedit
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
  3. Locate the ".tif" entry beneath HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and determine it's (default) value - this provides the underlying document type name.  For TIF, this is normally TIFImage.Document
  4. Next, locate the document type name beneath HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT - e.g. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TIFImage.Document
  5. Beneath that key, is a sub-key for shell
  6. Beneath the shell sub-key is a key for each registered verb for that type of file
  7. Confirm that there is a printto verb registered - for example: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TIFImage.Document\shell\printto


If there is no printto verb present, you will need to recreate it somehow.  Sometimes this is a matter of looking on another computer and seeing what the value there is.  Other times, it involves installing software that supports the printto verb.  On some occasions, some other application might have changed the document type for the file extension (for example, .tif file extensions might be set to something besides "TIFImage.Document").

At the end of the day, getting that printto verb configured is the solution to this issue.

For reference, the (default) value of the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TIFImage.Document\shell\printto\command key on my Windows 7 workstation is:

"%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe" "%SystemRoot%\System32\shimgvw.dll",ImageView_PrintTo /pt "%1" "%2" "%3" "%4"

This may or may not be appropriate for your computer.


9.6. Error Message - Attach Plus refused the paper-clip integration request


When user clicks to attach a file (i.e. the 'paperclip' button) in their email client, they receive an error dialog stating "Attach Plus refused the paper-clip integration request. Paperclip integration will be disabled until Attach Plus is restarted"


For Attach Plus to integrate with other applications, it must run in the same process space as those other applications.  Somehow, the user has configured Attach Plus to run in a different process space.


  1. Locate the AttachPlus.exe file (generally under C:\Program Files\AttachPlus\  or C:\Program Files (x86)\AttachPlus\)
  2. Right click on the AttachPlus.exe file, choose Properties
  3. Switch to the Compatibility tab
  4. Ensure that the following are NOT checked:
    • Run this program in compatibility mode for...
    • Run this program as an administrator

Tip: You may want to click the 'Change settings for all users' button to ensure that things are set properly for all users on the workstation


9.7. Unable to delete mail key for 'AttachPlus' Error


Upon installing and configuring Attach Plus, user receives message:



This indicates that the user does not have Windows permissions to make the required changes to the registry.  To force the changes:

  1. Close Attach Plus
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\AttachPlus (or C:\Program Files (x86)\AttachPlus)
  3. Right-click on AttachPlus.exe > Run as Administrator
  4. Allow Attach Plus to load
  5. Right click on the Attach Plus > Settings
  6. Make the desired changes (e.g., set e-mail application, enable File > Send To integration)
  7. Click OK
  8. Close Attach Plus (This step is important!!)
  9. Re-launch Attach Plus normally (do NOT run as administrator this time)

9.8. Older versions of GoldMine


Older versions of GoldMine do not support Windows 7 properly.  Lot's of things don't get registered properly.  It may look like it's working, but things can get squirrely, so just be hyper-aware that you are *way* off of a supported configuration if you insist on running old versions of GM under Windows Vista or Windows 7.  This is totally unsupported by us (and I'm sure Front Range).

That said, you *can* trick GoldMine into registering itself as an email client, and if you are very careful, you can get GoldMine to run in a process space that allows for integration with other applications (UAC issues).

Here's how to get GoldMine to register itself as an email client with Windows 7:


  1. Close GoldMine
  2. Right click on the GoldMine executable
  3. Run As Administrator
  4. Log in to GM
  5. Wait for GM to finish launching all the way
  6. Immediately close GM

At this point, GM will now be registered as an email application, and if you close and re-open Attach Plus, it probably will detect that GoldMine is an available email client.


Next, you need to ensure that GM is running in the same process space as Attach Plus.  In task manager, if you show the UAC Virtualization column in the processes tab, you want to ensure that GoldMine has UAC Virtualization 'disabled'.  We can't provide help on how to do that, but it may involve disabling UAC, or possibly adding a manifest to the GoldMine executable.  As mentioned above, this configuration is way outside of supported, so you are kind of on your own if you really want to run this way.


Please note that this is totally unsupported and we will not respond to requests for help regarding this configuration.


9.9. AttachPlusSMAPI error dialogs


With Attach Plus configured to use Outlook, Send To->Mail Recipient operation results in the following dialog:

Warning: Attach Plus was unable to properly integration with your mail application (Microsoft Outlook).


This error can appear if the user is using the 64 bit version of Outlook.  Attach Plus only supports integration with 32 bit email applications.


Uninstall Outlook 64 bit, and install the 32 bit version.


9.10. Error when attaching - Failed to load JVM from ... (the specified module could not be found)


When the user requests that Attach Plus manipulate a PDF during attachment, they receive an error dialog stating "Failed to load JVM from .... (the specified module could not be found)"


This error can occur if the Java Runtime on the workstation has been damaged (or uninstalled)


  1. Completely uninstall the Java runtime using the Windows Control Panel
  2. Download and install Attach Plus from here: http://attachplus.com/tryit.jsp
    Note: Do NOT uninstall Attach Plus first - if you do, you will need to re-enter your license number
  3. During installation, Attach Plus will detect that the Java runtime is not installed and will initiate installation of the correct version

9.11. Printing from Adobe Acrobat to the Attach Plus print drivers does not work


If the user opens a PDF in Adobe Acroabt, then prints to one of the Attach Plus print drivers, Acrobat and Attach Plus lock up or results in problems.


Printing a PDF to a PDF print driver has never worked well (this is not specific to the Attach Plus print drivers - this sort of arrangement never works quite right, regardless of the PDF print driver you use). As such, this is something that Attach Plus was never designed for.  It's been our experience that it still works a great deal of the time, but because there can always be issues with embedded fonts that are out of our control, we can't guarantee that you can print a PDF to the PDF print driver.  These printers are designed to convert from other file types *to* PDF. 


To email the file, it is easier, faster, and fewer mouse clicks to use the ‘Mail’ button (envelope icon) to attach the PDF to an email. Use one of the other mechanisms (Send To integration, clicking the paperclip icon or 'Attach' button in the upper right hand corner of the Attach Plus dialog) for adding the PDF to Attach Plus.


You can also use one of the other mechanisms (Send To integration, clicking the paperclip icon or 'Attach' button in the upper right hand corner of the Attach Plus dialog) for adding the PDF to Attach Plus.


9.12. Attach Plus Startup Error - Attach Plus was not able to initialize Paperclip Integration


After installing Attach Plus on a Windows Vista (or above) computer, user is unable to get Attach Plus running properly, and receives an Attach Plus Startup Error error dialog stating that "Attach Plus was not able to initialize 'Paperclip Integration'":


Check if the user receives a UAC elevation prompt when they run the Attach Plus installer.  If they do not receive a prompt, then UAC is not properly configured on the workstation.


Fix the UAC configuration, then re-install.


9.13. Unable to install and configure the 'AttachPlus - email PDF' print driver - install.exe failed


On a Windows Vista or 7 workstation, the user receives the following error dialog during installation:

Unable to install and configure the 'AttachPlus - email PDF' print driver - install.exe failed

When the user runs the installer, they do *not* see the Windows UAC elevation prompt:


UAC elevation is required to properly install Attach Plus.  If UAC has been disabled, and the UAC elevation dialog does not appear during installation, Attach Plus will not work properly.


Fix the UAC configuration on the workstation, then re-install Attach Plus

(Please note that we can not provide IT level support on how to adjust UAC configuration on your workstation.  You should contact an IT administrator for help with managing your workstation's configuration.)



Alternate Symptoms

On a Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server, the user receives the following error dialog during installation:

Unable to install and configure the 'AttachPlus - email PDF' print driver - install.exe failed

As in the above example, they do *not* see the Windows UAC elevation prompt.

Alternate Resolution

Fix the UAC configuration on the workstation, then re-install Attach Plus

(Please note that we can not provide IT level support on how to adjust UAC configuration on your workstation.  You should contact an IT administrator for help with managing your workstation's configuration.)

After the installation, run the following command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\AttachPlus\attachplus.exe /printer_install"

This should give the user the UAC prompt requesting permission to install.



9.14. How to manually remove the Attach Plus print drivers (prior to Windows 7)

Note: These instructions are specific to operating systems prior to Windows 7.  See Windows 7 and newer instructions if you are using a newer operating system.

This procedure is provided for troubleshooting purposes only - the standard Attach Plus uninstaller should take care of uninstalling print drivers.

  1. Start->Control Panel
  2. Programs->Uninstall a Program
  3. Double click on Attach Plus
  4. Approve the security dialog
  5. Wait for uninstall to complete
  6. Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Printer
  7. Right click in the white area, then Run as administrator->Server Properties
  8. Click Continue on the security warning dialog
  9. Click on Drivers tab
  10. Select the Amyuni Document Converter 2.51 entry (don't choose any other!!)
  11. Click Remove, then choose Remove driver and driver package
  12. Click OK, then Yes
  13. Wait for the green 'Drive package information collection' progress bar to go all the way across the dialog
  14. Click Delete
  15. Wait for the green 'Driver package deleted' progress bar to go all the way across the dialog again
  16. Click OK
  17. Click Close

At this point, Attach Plus and it's drivers have been removed from the system.


9.15. How to manually remove the Attach Plus print drivers (Windows 7 and higher)

Note: These instructions are specific to operating systems Windows 7 and newer.  See Older instructions if you are using an older operating system.

This procedure is provided for troubleshooting purposes only - the standard Attach Plus uninstaller should take care of uninstalling print drivers.

  1. Start->Control Panel
  2. Programs and Features
  3. Click on Attach Plus
  4. Click the Uninstall/change button
  5. Wait for uninstall to complete
  6. Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Print Management
  7. Open the Print Servers branch, <computer name>, Drivers
  8. Select the Amyuni Document Converter 2.51 entry (don't choose any other!!) - if this driver isn't present, then it was fully removed by the Attach Plus uninstall
  9. Right click, Remove Driver Package...
  10. Click OK, then Yes
  11. Wait for the green 'Drive package information collection' progress bar to go all the way across the dialog
  12. Click Delete
  13. Wait for the green 'Driver package deleted' progress bar to go all the way across the dialog again
  14. Click OK
  15. Click Close

At this point, Attach Plus and it's drivers have been removed from the system.


9.16. Enabling advanced debugging of paperclip integration


If paperclip integration isn't working, an Attach Plus technician may ask that you enable debugging.  This procedure outlines how to do that.


  1. Download and run DebugView (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896647)
  2. Close Attach Plus
  3. Use Start->Run to launch Attach Plus as follows:
  4. attachplus.exe /hookdebug
  5. Clear the DebugView window
  6. Initiate the paper clip integration (i.e. click the paperclip button in a new Outlook email)
  7. Lots of information will appear in the DebugView window
  8. Save the DebugView information to file and email it to your technician
  9. Close Attach Plus

9.17. Paperclip integration does not work after installing the Zimbra connector


Zimbra is an add on for Outlook (we still aren't entirely clear on what it does, but we've seen a handful of sites using it).  When the Zimbra connector is installed, and the Zimbra Outlook profile is selected, the Attach Plus paperclip integration will not work.  Send To integration still works properly.

If the user changes the Outlook profile to something besides Zimbra, then the paperclip integration works properly.

Here is a screen shot showing the Profile selection dialog in Outlook:


Our analysis of the issue clearly points to a bug of some sort in Zimbra that prevents 3rd party applications from integrating properly when the Zimbra profile is selected.


Use Send To integration


At this point, we have no solution other than not using Zimbra.  We suggest that you contact your Zimbra provider and file a support ticket with them asking them to resolve this issue.

We have opened the following ticket with Zimbra - if you comment about the effect this bug has had on your productivity, it may get attention:  http://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=74598

Update:  We have seen development progress on this issue in the Zimbra bug tracker. If you hit this issue, you may want to get the latest version of Zimbra and see if that helps.



9.18. Paperclip integration does not work after installing ShareFile addon for Outlook


After installing the ShareFile add-in for Outlook, Attach Plus paperclip integration stops working.


The ShareFile add-in for Outlook makes changes to Outlook's attachment selection dialog that prevent Attach Plus from detecting the paperclip button press.


ShareFile is updating the add-in in version 2.1 (available at the end of September 2012) so it will be compatible with Attach Plus.  After September 2012, update to the latest add-in and this issue should be resolved.


9.19. How to disable Paperclip Integration


Attach Plus Paperclip integration allows users to click the 'Attach' button in their email client, and have the Attach Plus file selection dialog appear.  In some cases, it may be desirable to disable this integration point (in which case, the user would rely on Send To integration, or one of the other integration mechanisms).

Temporarily Disabling Paperclip Integration

  1. Right click on the Attach Plus system tray icon and choose Exit
  2. Click Start, then type the following command (note that there is a space between the .exe and the slash):
    attachplus.exe /disablehooks
  3. Type <enter>

This will launch Attach Plus with paperclip integration disabled.  The next time Attach Plus launches (i.e. if the user logs out and back in to Windows, or closes and re-launches Attach Plus), paperclip integration will be enabled again.

Permanently Disabling Paperclip Integration

  1. First, read about how to work with Advanced Settings in Attach Plus
  2. Use the Advanced Setting procedure to set the following values:
    Key: onload.DisableHooks
    Value: Y
  3. Click OK
  4. Close Attach Plus
  5. Re-launch Attach Plus (from the start menu, or click Start, then type attachplus.exe, then enter)

After making the above change, whenever Attach Plus lanches, paperclip integration will be disabled.

To re-enable paperclip integration, use the above procedure, but set the onload.DisableHooks value to N.




9.20. I have a 64 bit version of Outlook. What should I do?


Attach Plus is not working with a 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook


One of the first things to check is what bit version your copy of Outlook is. Attach Plus only integrates with a 32 bit version of Outlook not the 64 bit version.

Tip: To check your version of Outlook, launch the task manager and locate Outlook. If there is *32 next to it then you are running a 32 bit version of the software on a 64 bit version of Windows. 

If you currently have the 64 bit version of the software installed, the resolution to problem is simple. You will need to remove the 64 bit copy of Microsoft Outlook and re-install the 32 bit.

NOTE: Your Microsoft Office installer disc comes with both versions.

This can be done by completely removing the 64 bit version of Office from the options on the installer. Once removed, Windows should be restarted, the disc placed back in the drive and when prompted select the 32 bit version of Office to install.

When the 32 bit version of Outlook has been installed, it is possible to configure Attach Plus to integrate with it.


9.21. Advanced Debugging of Send To Integration


In very rare circumstances, problems with your computer's email configuration may require some deep debugging of Send To integration.  This article describes the steps involved.


Enable Send To integration debugging

  1. Open regedit
  2. Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail
  3. Confirm that the (default) value is AttachPlus
  4. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\AttachPlus
  5. Confirm that MailAppName is your actual email application
  6. Right click in the right pane, choose New->DWORD value
  7. Name the new value 'EnableMAPITrace'
  8. Set the EnableMAPITrace value to 1
  9. Download Debug View zip fle ( http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896647.aspx )
  10. Open the zip file, and extract the Dbgview.exe executable and save to your desktop
  11. Launch Dvgview.exe

Now it's time to test

  1. Right click on a document on your desktop, Send To->Mail Recipient
  2. You should see a lot of lines appear in the DebugView screen
  3. In Debug View, Click File->Save As and save the log entries to a file, then email the result to your Attach Plus tech




9.22. Need to reinstall Attach Plus on a computer


If your hard disk fails, and you need to reinstall Attach Plus, follow these easy instructions.


  1. Navigate to the www.attachplus.com website
  2. Click Free Trial and download the free trial installer
  3. During installation, you will be prompted to obtain a trial license or enter your own license.  Choose the option to enter your own license.
  4. Enter the license number you received when you purchased Attach Plus (it will have been delivered to you via email, along with your receipt)


Note: If you are installing to an additional computer, you will need to purchase an additional license of Attach Plus here: http://www.attachplus.com/buyit.jsp


9.23. Error when attaching to Outlook - This object model command is not available in email


User tries to send an attachment to Outlook.  They receive an error dialog as follows:

Unable to send files to target. This object model command is not available in email.


This issue can be caused by either a problem with an Outlook addin that the user may have installed, or a corrupted Outlook installation.

Checking for a problem Outlook addin

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Hold the Control key down
  3. Launch Outlook (while still holding the control key down)
  4. Outlook will launch in Safe Mode
  5. After Outlook is open, test your attachment.  If the problem no longer occurs, then there is an Outlook add-in that is causing problems.
  6. Remove the problem Outlook addin (either remember what software you recently installed and uninstall it, or use the Outlook COM add-in manager to disable add-ins until you find the culprit).

Repairing an Outlook installation

Outlook 2003: Use Help>Detect and Repair
Outlook 2007: Help>Office Diagnostics
Outlook 2010: Use Control Panel, Programs and Features, select Microsoft Outlook, click Repair
Outlook 2013: Use Control Panel, Programs and Features, select Microsoft Outlook, click Repair



9.24. Squares appear for some characters when converting to PDF


When the user converts certain documents to PDF, the resulting PDF has squares instead of letters - like this:


Some fonts require that additional information be embedded in the PDF file.  By default, Attach Plus does not embed this information (doing so increases the size of the resulting PDF).  But there are settings that you can use to tell Attach Plus to embed this extra font information.  Please see the 'Exception' section below where this may not apply.


  1. Open Attach Plus Settings
  2. Go to the PDF Options tab
  3. Ensure that the the following checkboxes are selected:
  4. Click OK
  5. Test


If you are trying to print a PDF to one of the Attach Plus PDF print drivers, it should be clearly noted that this methodology is something that Attach Plus was never designed for.  The integrated PDF printer drivers within Attach Plus were developed to allow a conversion "on the fly" between other applications (like Word, Excel, etc.) and attaching the PDF to an email.  It's been our experience that it still works a great deal of the time, but because there can always be issues with embedded fonts that are out of our control, we can't guarantee that you can print a PDF to the integrated PDF print driver in all cases.  If you are trying to print a PDF to a PDF printer, we would recommend something more robust and industry standard, like the 'Microsoft Print to PDF', or possibly one of the Adobe printers.


9.25. Attach Plus is attaching winmail.dat files


Attach Plus appears to be attaching a 'winmail.dat' file to outgoing emails.  This often causes problems when the recipient is on a Mac.


Attach Plus isn't the one attaching the 'winmail.dat' file to the outgoing email.  Basically, that is Outlook doing strange things.  This Microsoft article describes what is happening:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/278061.

The suggested resolution is to change mail format to either HTML or Plain Text.




9.26. Attach Plus 'Send To' integration gets turned off


After enabling 'Send To' integration in Attach Plus, the setting is somehow being turned off.


Basically, what is happening is that the following registry key is getting reset:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail.

If the (Default) value is "AttachPlus", then 'Send To' integration is turned on.  If the (Default) value is "Microsoft Outlook", then 'Send To' integration is not turned on.  We've seen Outlook reset this key when it is updated, but not under normal circumstances.

If you find that this setting is being reset, we'd be interested to know the cause.




9.27. Attach Plus not running - You must have Attach Plus running to use this feature Error


When printing to the Attach Plus PDF print driver, the user receives this error message:

Attach Plus not running - You must have Attach Plus running to use this feature


We aren't sure what the root cause of this is - but it appears to be a problem with the print spooler or print driver on the workstation.


  1. Manually uninstall and reinstall the Attach Plus print drivers using the following procedure:
  2. Start->Run
  3. AttachPlus.exe /printer_uninstall
  4. Start->Run
  5. AttachPlus.exe /printer_install
  6. For good measure, reboot the workstation, then test

9.28. Attach Plus crashes when Shoretel Outlook plugin is installed


With the Shoretel Outlook plugin installed, the user receives this error message when attempting to attach a file to an email using Outlook:


The Application Event log will report an issue with ABSTVM32.DLL:


In previous encounters, this error has been very intermittent.  The error message may also reference an Internet Explorer addin (ABSTVM32.DLL), but the issue resides in Outlook.


There is a known issue with using ShoreTel and their Outlook integration (MAPI).  This error manifests itself when Attach Plus attempts to interact with Outlook.


Uninstall or disable the Shoretel Outlook plugin.



9.29. Attach Plus problems if using in-line replies in Office 2013


If using in-line replies with Office 2013, the attach file button doesn't pop Attach Plus.  Also, if launching Attach Plus from a Send-To command with an in-line reply in progress, Attach Plus will not find the draft as an available message on which to attach.

In a nutshell, Attach Plus is not compatible with in-line replies - So they must be disabled.


Disable in-line replies by going to the File > Options dialog, under the 'Mail' tab, check the "Open replies and forwards in a new window" box:



9.30. 64 Bit Versions of Microsoft Office


Occasionally, users will ask use why AttachPlus does not support integration with the "latest" 64 bit technology.  Often, users see a bigger number, and think that means "better".  This article provides some information about exactly what 64 bit applications are useful for, and why adding support for 64 bit Office is not a development priority.


Using a 32 bit application is not going backwards in technology.  There is almost no practical case where a 64 bit address space is at all useful for an office application.  In fact, 64 bit applications are proven to be slower and bigger memory hogs than their 32 bit counterparts.

The only reason to implement a 64 bit application is if the app truly needs to directly access more than 4GB of RAM.  There is absolutely no way that you are working with documents that could be that big.  It *might* be possible to get an Excel spreadsheet to be that big - but it would be the mother of all spreadsheets.  If you have XLS files even beginning to approach that size, you would want to rethink it and use a real database instead.


The reason that AttachPlus and most of the rest of the world aren't killing themselves over creating 64 bit applications is because 64 bit is totally unnecessary for end user applications.  For big iron servers, 64 bit is awesome - for end users, it's a total waste.

So don't get caught in the marketing flap - in this case, the bigger number means that your software is actually running slower.

How to Change a Workstation from 64 Bit Office to 32 Bit Office

Per Microsoft, this involves uninstalling and re-installing Office, choosing the 32 Bit option in the installer


9.31. Unable to send files to target - Bad user password


When the user attempts to password protect a file, they receive an error dialog stating "Unable to send files to target.  Unable to mark and encrypt pages from PDF file - error:  Bad user password."


If a file is encrypted or password protected, Attach Plus will not be able to apply a password during the attaching process.


Attach and apply a password to a non-encrypted copy of the file.



9.32. Using Attach Plus with Outlook 2016


In Outlook 2016, Attach Plus doesn't support selecting files from the 'Recent Items' list.


Select the 'Browse This PC...' button, which will activate Attach Plus:


9.33. Printer not activated, error code -20


When the user attempts to install, they receive an error dialog stating "Printer not activated, error code -20"


This is almost always a permissions-type issue where 1) UAC is disabled and preventing the user from seeing the elevation dialog, or 2) the user doesn't have permissions to install properly.


Note:  The user installing Attach Plus needs to be an administrator on the PC.

First ensure that you have UAC set as we recommend here:  User Account Control (UAC) Information.  Once UAC is properly set (often requires a reboot), then re-run the Attach Plus installer package.  If that doesn't resolve the issue, follow these steps to get it properly installed:

  1. Close Attach Plus
  2. Navigate to Attach Plus installer package
  3. Right-click on the installer package > Run as Administrator
  4. Allow Attach Plus to install and then launch
  5. Close Attach Plus (This step is important!!)
  6. Re-launch Attach Plus normally (do NOT run as administrator this time)


9.34. Printing to "Attach Plus - E-mail PDF" hangs in Microsoft Products only


User tries to print to "Attach Plus — E-mail PDF" printer in Microsoft products, and the print job hangs.

Products verified:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, IE.

When using non-Microsoft products, the print job works fine.

Products verified to work in this case:  Notepad, Wordpad, Chrome.


In this unique situation (1 site), the customer found that they had the Windows 10 Recycle Bin pointing to a shared network folder, which the user didn't have write permission.


Fix the permissions on the Recycle Bin.


9.35. Issues when Password Protecting


Experiencing crashing or other issues when applying a password within Attach Plus.


The password protection functionality utilizes Java. Issues when using that function typically means that Java needs to be re-installed. Note that the latest versions of Attach Plus no longer use Oracle's Java Runtime. Before proceeding please note the version of Attach Plus that is installed:

- If you are running version or newer then your version of Attach Plus then run the installer for the Liberica Java Runtime. The link to download the engine is here: http://resources.trumpetinc.com/getresource/TrumpetJavaSetupA (please note that any reference to "Trumpet" is referencing our sister company, so the installation path for the JRE may display under Trumpet instead of Attach Plus).

- If you are running on versions older than then you will need to repair/re-install your Oracle Java installation.

If you have questions or issues with these instructions please email support@attachplus.com


9.36. Attach Plus crashes when attempting to apply a password


Attach Plus uses an installation of Java to apply passwords.  When the Java installation (that is installed along with Attach Plus) is damaged, blocked, or interfered with, Attach Plus can crash when attempting to apply a password.  We've seen this often at sites where anti-virus or anti-malware blocks the Java installation.  And we've also seen a few sites where another application on the machine will damage or even remove the Java installation.  As you might expect, Attach Plus cannot tell what application or process has "pulled the rug out from under it."       


Typically uninstalling and re-installing Attach Plus and Java will allow you to get back to work. You can uninstall them by performing the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel
  • Select Programs and Features.
  • Find  "Java Runtime (Liberica, Trumpet Private)", highlight and choose "uninstall"
  • Find AttachPlus, highlight and choose "uninstall"

Now to reinstall:

Note:  If you are using an Attach Plus version before, then re-install Oracle's Java, found at Java.com (32-bit version).

If this is a recurring issue that isn't resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling, we highly recommend that you set an exclusion in your anti-virus and anti-malware software to exclude:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Trumpet, the root folder where Java and Attach Plus are installed. This can remove a source of blocking of the Java.

Advanced Troubleshooting:  In rare cases, we've seen the need to use the 'Process Explorer' tool in an attempt to determine which applications have injected themselves into the attachplus.exe process (e.g. example an app called ActiveWords has been seen to cause problems like this).  Once those applications are identified, they should be configured to prevent interference.


10. Legal and Miscellaneous

10.1. Acknowledgements

Attach Plus provides this manual "as is," makes no representations or warranties with respect to its contents or use, and specifically disclaims any expressed or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Attach Plus reserves the right to make changes to the content of this manual, at any time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such changes.

The software described in this document is furnished under a license agreement. The software may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of the agreement. It is against the law to copy the software on any medium except as specifically allowed in the license agreement.


All brands and product names referred to in this manual are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


10.2. License Agreement

See the file license.rft in the Attach Plus install folder for the Software License Agreement.


11. Release Notes

11.1. Version Change Log

Details -

- Updated license agreement to refer to Trumpet, LLC instead of Trumpet, Inc. - 

- Change help system to use online resources instead of compiled help file
- Move to non-Oracle version of the Java Runtime (we are now using an embedded instance of the Liberica JDK - https://bell-sw.com/pages/java-11.0.3/)
- Once has been installed, users can uninstall Oracle Java Runtimes without impacting Attach Plus (note that you may have other software that relies on the Oracle Java Runtime) -

- Attach Plus will now use MS Office PDF converters for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents if MS Office 2007 or higher is installed on the machine (print drivers are used otherwise)
- Installer was displaying "Important upgrade information" dialog on brand new installs
- Opened up running on Windows 10 machines -

Added support for Office 365 Click-To-Run installations of Office 2013 -

- Compatibility fix - Send To integration in Office 2013 (365 Click To Run installs only) was not integrating with Attach Plus
- Compatibility fix - Attach Plus was unable to obtain COM interface for Outlook.Application in Office 2013 Click To Run installs -

- Bug fix - GoldMine wasn't appearing as an email application on brand new installs of GoldMine -

Complete overhaul for Windows 8 and Server 2012 plus Office 2013 support
Added support for attaching to 'inline' emails in Outlook 2013
Move to annual subscription model

Older Versions -

Added tons of debug lines to GoldMineTarget (troubleshooting issue with GM send changing window titles of all top level windows in the system) -

Bug fix - mapi.appsForAlwaysLocalCacheFile wasn't working b/c of string type-o
Added wbgx.exe to default mapi.appsThatUseTempPathProperly settings -

Added mapi.appsForAlwaysLocalCacheFile setting - this is a list of applications that send network files to MAPI, but then immediately delete the network file.  We will copy the file to local storage for those applications.  Default value is |pfxengagement.exe| -

Added debugging line - trying to figure out crashing problem -

Bug fix - first attachment to GoldMine was showing the filename with odd characters -

Bug fix - Worldox GX3 WDL files with single entries were not being resolved to their LFN form -

Bug fix - GoldMine email targets sometimes show up duplicated
Bug fix - GoldMine email target sometimes defaults to New instead of Existing, even if there is an

existing email open -

Changed GM integration point fix from so it uses critical sections instead of boolean trap to eliminate the problem where attachments weren't going to existing emails sometimes
If Attach Plus is luanched in compatibility mode, we clear the compatibilty flag and re-launch -

Tweak to GM integration point to try to resolve issue with duplicate emails showing in targets list
Installer: Moved to new version of UAC NSIS plugin
Installer: Fixed \r\n garbage in description of installer screen
Installer: Changed the JRE download specification (fix problem with Java install not working in

Installer: Added Startup\Disable paperclip integration to the group policy adm template -

Bug fixes when attaching lnk or aplink files (we now resolve the target before creating the new attachment)
Installer now adds a Send Using Attach Plus right click menu for Folders (this is to provide users with the ability to send a shortcut pointing to the folder - the regular Send To->Mail Recipient command doesn't work for this - if the folder contains files, the files get sent instead of a shortcut to the folder) -

Changed text of Send To Integration not Enabled warning dialog to be a bit more clear (old text refered to launching the email app) -

Fixed 'missing xref' problem with some PDF files
Moved to iText-20110209 - this makes the installer quite a bit bigger, but makes things work with newer PDF files -

New help content - removed references to Worldox, added reference to support forums -

Bug fix:  Attach Plus creating xname.lib files in non-worldox directories -

Added UAC elevation to Settings dialog
Added UAC elevation to 'Attach Plus Send To integration is not enabled' dialog
Added new .aplink behavior - we now attach our own file format - when the attachment is double clicked, Windows Explorer is opened with the target file selected -

Tweak to the fix in to make it work with docx file extensions (it was showing a ~ value instead of the full doc id)
Bug fix: printing from Word to Save & Email PDF driver under Windows 7 causes sporadic lockups
Changed print driver handler so it reposts the ENDDOC message - this allows us to do post-operations on a UI thread (out of the print spooler thread)
Bug fix:  Fix problem where the first time a Word document is printed to Attach Plus Save & Email driver, there is a long delay (this only happened with GoldMine as the email client) (this is fixed by the print driver handler repost) -

Fixed bug where Worldox filename retrieval didn't work with files with long extensions -

Made silent mode so it won't show the welcome wizard -

Changed to install print drivers using install.exe (Windows 7 compatability) - (also included in

Adjusted help system to say Worldox GX or Later
Update the MFC and CRT distributables - (also included in

Added error catch and additional logging to OutlookTargetGroup_Existing


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