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General Information :: General Support

General support articles - not related to specific products or services

1. Asking for Help

1.1. How do I Open a Support Request?

Trumpet Support hours are Monday through Friday, 7am-5pm MST. 

If you encounter a problem with any of Trumpet's software or have a question about our software then you should open a "Support Request." This can be accomplished by completing the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Go to support.trumpetinc.com
  3. Click on Submit a Request
  4. Fill out the fields on the Submit a Request for Assistance page
    Note: Where applicable, our default behavior is to teach you how to resolve the issue, so that the next time your question comes up, you'll know how to resolve it on your own.  However, if you prefer that we log on and resolve the problem for you without providing instructions, just let us know that in your request.
  5. Click the submit button
  6. Write down the access key from your request
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep your access key, it will be used to check the status of your request

Checking the Status of Your Request

  1. Go to support.trumpetinc.com
  2. Select the Check on a Request link 
  3. Enter your access key provided to you when you created the request
  4. Click on the Check button to obtain the status and history of your request.
Note: You will also receive an e-mail from support@trumpetinc.com when a reply has been posted.  Be sure to add support@trumpetinc.com to you address book to ensure proper delivery!

Updating a Support Request

  1. Below the status information for your request, enter an update to the request in the "Provide an Update" text box.
    You can also attach an optional supporting document

2. Click the "Update Request" button


1.2. How to Get Issues Resolved Quickly

Our research indicates that users who perform the following steps get their issues resolved much faster than those who do not:

  1. Use Trumpet's Knowledge Books to research your issue. You may find that a resolution has already been posted.
    The 'Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks' chapter of each application's Knowledge Book has the resolution to most issues you will encounter.

  2. Submit a support ticket to Trumpet's support team by emailing support@trumpetinc.com.  Be sure to:
    1. Clearly describe the problem – Describe exactly what you did, exactly what happened, and exactly what you expected to happen. The more information you give us up front, the faster we'll be able to resolve your issue
    2. Include screen shots of error dialogs or screens that you are using to recreate the problem
      : See "How to take a screen shot" if you haven't done this before

      To really make things move quickly, perform the following bonus steps as well:
    3. Check if the problem happens on other users' workstations besides your own
    4. Describe when the problem started happening

Your end goal should be to enable a Trumpet support technician to recreate your issue.  If you don't provide the information up front, we will have to spend iterations requesting the information from you.

For urgent issues, see this article: What to do if you have an urgent issue

Some Examples

Initial attempt: "When I try to search for text in a file, it doesn't work"
Much better: "When I do a text in file search (see attached screen shot of the Find dialog I am using), the document list returns no documents. I think that it should return document 74325, which contains the text phrase 'investment policy.' This used to work, but hasn't worked since Monday."
Initial attempt: "Worldox isn't working on my computer"
Much better: "I can launch Worldox, but when I open a new Word document and click the Save button, I get a regular Save As dialog (see attached screen shot) instead of the Worldox index card.  This worked fine until this morning.  Other users aren't having this issue."

1.3. How to Take a Screen Shot

This is the process for taking a screen shot:

  1. Hit the Print Screen on your keyboard
    Note: It is next to the Scroll Lock key, sometimes labeled PrtSc
  2. Open a new email (or reply to an existing email)
  3. Click CTRL+V to paste the screen shot into the email

Tip: If your email application doesn't allow pasting of images (most do, but some don't), paste the screen shot into a Word document and email that.


If you prefer to save the screen shot as a file first, please be sure to use PNG as the file format.




1.4. Making Sure That Trumpet can See Your Replies

When you receive a response from Trumpet's support team, it will have a line that reads "Reply ABOVE THIS LINE to add a note to this request".  If you put any content below this line, we will *not* see it.  So be sure to place your responses above the line!

Here's a screen shot of what this looks like:


1.5. Urgent Requests

If your issue is urgent, we have a method to attach priority notification to your ticket during normal support hours (M-F 7am-5pm MST).

Examples of urgent issues:
> You are a Trumpet client using Worldox and you cannot access your documents, even when searching in non-indexed mode. Described here: Perform a Search Without Using the Indexes
> You are an Assemblage (or some subset thereof) client of Trumpet and you are hitting errors that are preventing you from running or delivering reports.
> You are a Symphony Channel Partner and you have an urgent issue.
> Actual zombies (not just a herd of people aimlessly roaming about looking down at their smartphones) are at your door.

Examples of non-urgent issues:
> You are having trouble saving a file into Worldox. Remember you can always save a file to your desktop and then drop it into the WorkZone icon.
> AttachPlus issues.
> You don't know what you should your name my new puppy. (The answer is 'Spike'. Especially if it's a Chihuahua.)

How to escalate:
If your issue is one of the items in the urgent list above, reply to the support email with ONLY the keyword in the text of the email:

Current keyword: Escalate01

This will trigger priority notification at Trumpet.


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