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13.2. Create Find Templates

To Create a Find Template in Worldox:

  • Open a Search Card

  • Fill in the criteria you wish to use in the template

  • Select Options -> Save Template

  • The "Save Find Template" Window will open

  • Name the Template

  • Select the appropriate "On Selection" radio button

    • Show Template - Selecting this option will open the search card with the criteria filled in so that you can refine your search further
    • Perform Search - Selecting this option will not open the search card but simply perform the search
  • Fill in the appropriate "Save Template for" radio button

  • Select "Save"

    • Only Me - the template will only be available for your use
    • Everyone - the template will be available for all users (this option is only available to users with Power User Rights)
    • Limited Groups / Users - the template will only be available to users you can define
  • IMPORTANT:  When Prompted to save the Find Template, ensure that you select the "Save as new public template" radio button.  This ensures that you save all your Find Templates for use for your entire firm.  If you do not have these permissions, Trumpet strongly recommends you ask someone who does to create these for you.

  • Select "OK"



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