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4.4. Create Custom Cover Sheets

You may wish to change the look and feel of the Cover Sheets your firm uses.  For example, you may want to include more specific instructions regarding how to save the cover sheet to the Symphony Profiler Monitored Folder, or you may simply want to jazz them up by adding your own logos, etc.

Here are the instructions for customizing your Cover Sheets:

  1. Create a new subfolder in the SymphonyProfiler\Server folder called Templates
  2. Create a PDF document containing the Customized Cover Sheet information you wish to use.
  3. Save the PDF document to the SymphonyProfiler\Server\Templates folder naming it cover_template.pdf
  4. Close Symphony Profiler Processor, Close Symphony Profiler Workstation
  5. Relaunch Symphony Profiler Processor and Symphony Profiler Workstation

The next time you Create Cover Sheets you will see the "Customized" Cover Sheet

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