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11.7. Replacing your Indexer PC

At some point, you may need to replace your Indexer workstation, as hardware will eventually and inevitably fail.

For information on the Indexer workstation's minimum requirements, see: Minimum System Requirements


The Indexer workstation must be connected to the network, and in addition, the following steps should be made:

  1. Disable Windows Automatic Updates

  2. Install the free Adobe Reader

  3. Install Microsoft Outlook

    Note:  This is optional, and only needs to be completed if you file emails to Worldox and you wish to be able to perform text searches for email messages.  It simply needs to be installed (no configuration is required)

  4. Ensure that the Indexer Windows user is a local admin and has the same permissions and drive mappings (preferably using login scripts or group policy to map the network drives) as on the old Indexer workstation

Once you have completed the above steps, contact Trumpet support to re-configure the Indexer and, if applicable, Symphony OCR and Symphony Profiler Processor software.

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