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4.1. What is a Legacy Cabinet

A legacy cabinet is a special cabinet that points to a folder structure outside the Worldox Document Repository.  This is a read only cabinet therefore you cannot save documents to this cabinet.  The purpose of this cabinet is to provide you with indexing tools to enable you to easily migrate the documents in this location to the Worldox Document Repository.

Worldox Professional

Documents that are accessible via the Legacy Cabinet are literally the exact same files stored in your legacy folder structure:

and when viewing these files, you're viewing the files in your network directory structure.

Worldox Cloud

Trumpet will create a copy of your existing folder structure and place the copy on the cloud.  Trumpet recommends that once they have been moved, you make that directory read only so that no one saves additional documents to that structure.

The Folder structure on the Cloud will be an *exact* copy of your existing folder structure as seen in the illustration above.

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