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11.6. What to do if the Worldox Indexes Become Corrupted


Worldox index databases can become corrupt for a number of reasons:

  • Indexer or server hard disk failures

  • Networking issues between the indexer and the server

  • Indexer nightly rebuild interrupted at exactly the wrong time

If the database becomes corrupt, searches may not work properly and/or error messages referring to ISYS may display on the workstation or the Indexer.

This procedure will walk you through the process of re-initializing the index databases.  Please note that this procedure can take quite a bit of time, depending on the size of you document repository.

IMPORTANT: Manually initializing a Worldox index database is not something that normally needs to be done.  If you find that are needing to do this repeatedly, pursue root cause.


  • Connect to the Indexer workstation

  • From the WDIndex software, select "Close Server"

  • Select "Yes" to the Close Server dialog

  • Choose the all drives you wish to rebuild (place a check next to each)

  • Click Update > Profiles and Text

  • Confirm the drives by selecting "OK"

  • Select the "Initialize and Create" radio button

  • Select OK

  • Worldox will re-generate the indexes - this operation can take quite awhile, during which time users will not be able to perform index based searches (though they can Perform a Search without using the Indexes )

  • After this completes, you will see the following dialog:

  • Close the WDIndex application, then restart it using the "Indexer Auto Start" desktop shortcut

  • Confirm that the Indexer is counting down:

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