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3.7. Checking on Processor Status

If configured properly, you should be receiving Daily Status e-mails from Symphony Profiler.  However, if you would like to check on the status more immediately, and without logging into the indexer PC, you can obtain a Symphony Profiler status update at any time by doing the following:

  • Right-click on the Symphony Profiler icon in the System Tray
  • Select "Show Processor Status"

If the Symphony Profiler Processor isn't running, you will see an error message as follows:

This is a great indication that the workstation running the Symphony Profiler Processor (typically the Indexer workstation) has been logged off, or that the Symphony Profiler Processor software has been shut down.

If the Processor is running, a browser window will open giving you the status of the Processor:

Any unfullfilled reservations, etc., will show in this window just as you would see them in your Daily Status e-mail.

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