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40.25. Email Handling with Mobile Devices


Many users wish to store some or all of their Outlook emails in Worldox - including those that they send from their mobile devices or smart phones.  Worldox only interacts with local instances of Outlook and Sent Email integration will *not* work within your mobile device.


  1. The first solution is to Cc or Bcc yourself on the email.  This will effectively place the email in your Outlook Inbox, where you can use the "Worldox Copy" and "Worldox Move" features to file the emails to Worldox.

  2. The second solution is to set up your mobile device as an ActiveSynch connection (you or your system administrator will be responsible for doing this).  Once the ActiveSynch is established, the email you send and receive from your mobile device will be included in your Sent and Inbox folders in Outlook.  From these locations you can use the Worldox Copy and Move features to file the emails to Worldox.

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