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3.1. Assemblage File Structure

Assemblage should be installed to a network drive accessible by those in the firm who will need to use the software (e.g. X:\Assemblage)

Within the Assemblage folder, you will have a structure that looks similar to this:

The important aspects of this folder are as follows:

1)  Assemblage.exe - This is the actual Assemblage application.  You can open the application by double clicking on this executable.

2)  Workspace Folder - This folder contains subfolders for each of the various "Projects" you have for Assemblage.  In this example, there are two projects, one for Quarterly Reports, and a second for Tax Reports.

Within the Workspace Folder, you will have several sub-folders:

Assembler In -  This folder contains additional folders for each "Section" of the Assembly (e.g. Performance Report, Market Commentary, etc).  The contents of these folders should be PDF files

Config - This folder contains the configuration files or instructions for the various tools you will use to generate, assemble, deliver and archive.

Splitter In - This folder contains additional folders for each "Section" of the Assembly that requires splitting.  These are typically mail merge documents (e.g. Cover Letter from your CRM).

Upload - This folder contains the contents for uploading to your portal.

Working - This folder contains Assemblage's working files.  You will not need to access this file.


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