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9.19. How to disable Paperclip Integration


Attach Plus Paperclip integration allows users to click the 'Attach' button in their email client, and have the Attach Plus file selection dialog appear.  In some cases, it may be desirable to disable this integration point (in which case, the user would rely on Send To integration, or one of the other integration mechanisms).

Temporarily Disabling Paperclip Integration

  1. Right click on the Attach Plus system tray icon and choose Exit
  2. Click Start, then type the following command (note that there is a space between the .exe and the slash):
    attachplus.exe /disablehooks
  3. Type <enter>

This will launch Attach Plus with paperclip integration disabled.  The next time Attach Plus launches (i.e. if the user logs out and back in to Windows, or closes and re-launches Attach Plus), paperclip integration will be enabled again.

Permanently Disabling Paperclip Integration

  1. First, read about how to work with Advanced Settings in Attach Plus
  2. Use the Advanced Setting procedure to set the following values:
    Key: onload.DisableHooks
    Value: Y
  3. Click OK
  4. Close Attach Plus
  5. Re-launch Attach Plus (from the start menu, or click Start, then type attachplus.exe, then enter)

After making the above change, whenever Attach Plus lanches, paperclip integration will be disabled.

To re-enable paperclip integration, use the above procedure, but set the onload.DisableHooks value to N.



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