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33.3. ScandAll Integration

By default, Scandall attempts to control naming of the output filename - this prevents Worldox from specifying the document identifier during integration, and causes saves to fail.  This article describes how to configure ScandAll for proper integration with Worldox.

Configure Scan Settings

Note: These settings must be made for each Windows user to will use Scandall

  • Open Scandall

  • Scan->Scan Settings

  • UNchck the Save to file checkbox (if this is left checked, the file will get saved to random locations)

Adjust Default Save As Dialog Behavior

  • Close Worldox

  • Scan a document

  • Click Save As - this will bring up the Scand All Save As dialog

  • UNcheck the 'Use the name rule' checkbox:

  • Choose the Desktop as the Folder Name, and put 'test' in for the File Name

  • Click OK (this will save the file to the desktop, and will force the Use the Name Rule checkbox to be turned off for all future scans)

  • Launch Worldox

  • Scan and save a test document




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