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33.1. Fujitsu ScanSnap Interface


Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners automatically save PDF documents to a directory when you initiate a scan.  In order to ensure that a temp folder does not overfill with documents you are saving to Worldox, you may wish to have these files saved directly to Worldox rather than a temp or other folder on your network.

Note that we highly recommend using Symphony Suite for scanning to Worldox - the process is much more efficient than what is outlined below.  If you would like information about Symphony, please open a ticket and let us know.


  • Download the install-wdscansnap.zip file from:  http://www.wd-bespoke.com/dist/wdfree/install-wdscansnap.zip

  • Unzip the contents of the install-wdscansnap.zip to your desktop.

  • Double click the install-wdsnapscan.exe to start the installation.

  • Accept the license conditions and click "Next"

  • When prompted for the folder to install, browse to your Worldox network program folder.

  • Click next until you receive confirmation that the program has been installed.


Install on the Workstations

  • In order to activate the integration program, you must run the wdScanSave.exe from each workstation where the Fujitsu ScanSnap software is installed.  Running the application will check to see if the necessary hook file entries are in place.

Configure the ScanSnap Tool

  • Right Click on the ScanSnap icon in the system tray by your clock and choose "Scan Button Settings"

  • In the Application tab, select "Add"

  • In the Application Path field, Browse to the network location of Worldox (e.g. X:\Worldox) and select wdscansave.exe

  • Add a Name to the Application Name field (we suggest "Worldox") and click "OK"

  • Select this application in the tab Application Tab

  • Select "Add Profile"

  • In the "Add new profile" window, provide the Profile a name (we recommend "Worldox Profile")

  • Select "OK"


  • To begin testing, Close Worldox completely, then reopen.

  • Place a document in the scanner

  • Click the Scan button on your scanner.

  • This should open a Worldox save dialog for you to use to save the document.






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