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1.2. Install Virtuoso Workstation Component to a Workstation or Terminal Server


The main Virtuoso installation is done to a shared network folder that all workstations have access to.  The workstation component of Virtuoso is then installed to each workstation and Terminal Server.  These instructions apply to installing the workstation component only, after the network Virtuoso installation has been performed.  If you need to update the full Virtuoso network installation, please refer to Virtuoso Update Instructions.


IMPORTANT:  If you use Junxure as your CRM, It's important that you close Junxure prior to installing Virtuoso to your workstation.

  1. Navigate to X:\Trumpet\Virtuoso\Mirror\ (where "X" is the network drive to which your Trumpet applications are installed)
  2. Double click on the Workstation Setup executable in that folder
  3. Accept all defaults to install Virtuoso to the workstation
  4. Select "Yes" when prompted to create a new user
  5. Repeat on all workstations where Virtuoso will be used
  6. Subscribe to the palettes appropriate for the user at each workstation
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