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11.1. A search database is temporarily unavailable, or The Following Databases are Temporarily Off-line message


When users perform searches in Worldox, they receive one of the following error dialogs ("The following databases are temporarily off-line" or "A search database is temporarily unavailable"):


Assuming that you are connected to your server and are able to access the specified drive from your workstation, this most likely means that the Indexer's nightly rebuild did not complete, so Worldox is stuck in an off-line state (for more information on what the Indexer is, visit: http://support.trumpetinc.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=558)

Here's how to get the Indexer running in On-line mode:

  1. From your Indexer workstation, check to see if there any errors, or if it still performing the nightly rebuild.  If it's at a point where you can clear the errors or stop/cancel the indexer processes, do so.  If the indexer appears to be running normally, select "Close Server"
  2. From the WDIndex "home" screen, select the applicable drive from the Active Drives list, and then select Profile > Properties
  3. Switch the Current Status radio dial from Off-line to On-line mode and click OK
  4. Repeat for Text > Properties
  5. Select Server > Start to relaunch the Indexer in on-line mode

If the above does not help, then your Indexes may be damaged and will need to be rebuilt.  To do that, repeat the steps above, but insert this step between steps 4 and 5.  And honestly, if you need to do this step, Trumpet support really should be involved:

> Initialize the databases (this will take some time depending on the number of documents in your document repository, while this is rebuilding, you can continue to save files to Worldox, but newly saved documents will only be accessible with a non-indexed search (Please see:  Perform a Search without using the Indexes for more information)

— Click Update > Profiles & Text
— Choose Initialize and Create New radio button, then click "OK"
— The indexer will create the indexes from scratch.  When it is complete, click "OK"
— When this operation is completed, you will receive a message that says "Update completed successfully".  Select "OK" to this message.

That should do the trick, however definitely contact Trumpet support (http:\\support.trumpetinc.com) if you encounter this on a consistent basis.  Most likely there was just a brief power outage, server work or other "hiccup" that prevented the nightly rebuild from finishing, but a pattern could indicate a greater problem with the rebuilds that we'll want to troubleshoot.

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