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4.3. Use a Launcher Button

To use a launcher button, you must have Worldox open.

Once Worldox is open, simply click on the button with your mouse one time (no need to even double click - Virtuoso saves you mouse clicks!)

Worldox will perform a search based on the Worldox Find Template associated with the button.

The first time (and only the first time) you select a Launcher Button for a given client in your Contact Management software, Virtuoso will give you a list of client names in Worldox.

This enables you to associate the Worldox Client Code with the Client's Contact record in the Contact Management Software.

Select the client

Verify that you have selected the appropriate client and click

"OK" to permanently associate the client with the contact record

Subsequent times you select a Virtuoso Launcher Button for the same client, you will *not* be prompted to select the client as it has already been associated with the contact record.

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