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2.4. Clone a Palette

You may want to "clone" or create a copy of an existing Palette.  For example, if you are a new employee and want to create a copy of another user's palette then make changes to your copy, you may do so.

To Clone a Palette:

Subscribe to the palette you wish to Clone.

Right click in the gray area of that palette and select "Clone Palette"

The "Edit Palette" window will open prefilled with "Copy of <<Name of Palette>>", and the Palette description.

Palette Caption - Rename appropriately

Palette Description - Rename appropriately

Optional Features:
Locked Check Box- Selecting the Locked check box option will prevent users from editing the palette (including yourself).  If  you want to edit the palette, you must right-click in the gray area of the palette, select "Edit Palette" and uncheck the box.
Template Check Box - Selecting the Template check box will allow you to set this palette as a default palette.  When a new user launches Virtuoso, by default, they will be subscribed to this palette.  They can unsubscribe to this palette if necessary.
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