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2.2. Create a Palette

Right-click in the gray area of the Virtuoso toolbar and select "Add New Palette"
The "Edit Palette" window will open:
Fill in the following fields:
Palette Caption - Type a name into the caption field for your new palette.  This will show in the title bar of the Palette in Virtuoso.
Palette Description - provide a brief description.  This will show in the subscription screen

Note: Virtuoso will not permit you to create a palette with the same name as an existing palette.

Optional Features:
Locked Check Box- Selecting the Locked check box option will prevent users from editing the palette (including yourself).  If  you want to edit the palette, you must right-click in the gray area of the palette, select "Edit Palette" and uncheck the box.
Template Check Box - Selecting the Template check box will allow you to set this palette as a default palette.  When a new user launches Virtuoso, by default, they will be subscribed to this palette.  They can unsubscribe to this palette if necessary.
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