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1.5. How do I find my Attach Plus license number?

Your license number was originally sent to you via email after Attach Plus has been purchased.  If you have Attach Plus installed, you can also find your license number by following the steps below:

  1. With Attach Plus running, right-click on the yellow Attach Plus icon in your system tray and select "Settings"
  2. Switch to the Licensing tab
  3. Your current license number will be shown

If you do not have access to Attach Plus to locate the license number, please e-mail us at support@attachplus.com to request it. Please be sure to provide the e-mail address you used when you purchased your Attach Plus license.

If you'd like to see when your license will expire then click on the "Change License" button. One of the radio buttons will tell you how many days are remaining on your license.

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