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31.11. Synch User Groups with Active Directory (if applicable)

Note: This information is for firms that have Active Directory enabled.  If you do not have Active Directory enabled, you can skip this section (What is Active Directory Integration?).

If you have enabled Worldox Advanced Security (aka Active Directory Integration):

  • After clicking "Save" to save your security changes, click the Sync AD button:

  • The "Network -> Sync AD" window will open - Select all the cabinets with Active Directory security (these will be selected by default):

  • Click the Select button

  • Confirm the selection in the "Clarify Selection" window and click "Continue"

  • In the Network > Synch AD > Method window, select "Thorough"

  • Click OK

  • Allow the sync to run (this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of hours, depending on the volume of files with Active Directory security)

  • Once the sync is completed, close the WDINDEX application and re-start it (in WDINDEX, select "Close Server", shut down the program, then re-launch from the "Indexer Auto Start" Desktop shortcut)

Note:  Users you are adding to security groups must log off their workstations and log back in to apply the security properly.  This allows the operating system to be made aware of the security adjustments.  Until they do this, they may see 'Access is Denied (#5)' error messages when they perform searches.

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