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31.4. Integrate Worldox with Other Applications

Worldox has two mechanisms for integration with other applications - macro integration and hook integration:

Macro Integration

Macro integration is achieved using special plugins for the application.  This type of integration requires significant development, so is reserved for a few high-profile applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Reader
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook

Hook Integration

Hook integration is used for most of the integration points that Worldox supports.  Hook integration involves taking over the application's native Save As or Open dialog, and presenting a Worldox dialog instead.  Worldox then emulates keystrokes by playing a macro into the native dialog to complete the Save or Open operation.

The Worldox hook integration library is extensive, with new entries added every day.  We ship Worldox with most of these integration points turned off.  The following procedure describes how to enable the integration:

  • Launch the WDAdmin application

  • From the main WDAdmin menu, select Edit > Integration

  • In the WDADMIN – Edit > Integration window, locate the program(s) with which you wish to integrate Worldox (you can type-down to search for the name of the application)

Note: We recommend that you leave integration for Word, Excel or Acrobat disabled unless the Macro Integration isn't working for a specific dialog in those applications.  For the most part, the default settings for these applications are already configured properly.

  • Click Save

  • Close Worldox completely (from the system tray by the clock) and re-launch for the changes to take effect on each workstation

Why it is important not to enable all Hook Integration in Worldox

  • As mentioned above, some software integration with Worldox are established through Macro integration.  As such, seeing that same application listed in the integration list is simply an alternative, and in some cases, a less robust method of integration.  Enabling hook integration when Macro integration is available is not recommended, as the Macro integration and hook integration will cause undesired results.
  • Enabling integration can slow down your computer by an undetectable amount; however if you turn on the entire list (even for applications you don't use), you may notice a difference in workstation speed.
  • Enabling unneeded integration may cause conflict with an integration you do use.

Finally, you don't want to catch your users by surprise about turning on Worldox integration – it should be an intentional decision about which software output is saved via Worldox. In other words, there are some files that do not belong in Worldox.  For example, if you are doing website development, you may not want to save your source files via Worldox.

Requesting More Integration

If you do not see integration for a particular application, please open a support ticket and provide details of which application, and which dialogs within that application (e.g. Open, Save), you would like integration for and we will schedule time to create integration for you.

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