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21.4. Add document(s) to a Project

You may wish to add newly created or received documents to a particular project.  For example, if you create a new Morningstar Report for the client's annual Investment Review, you may wish to add that to the project.
Perform a search for the Worldox project to which you would like to add a document and double click on the project to see the current list of files.
  • Select the Project tab the "Edit" button
  • Perform a Worldox search for the document(s) you wish to add to the project
  • Drag the file(s) to the Projects tab or highlight the files you wish to add.  (or select the files and choose the "Add File" button)
  • Select Close and answer the question to save your project changes

  • OR Select "Save As"
  • Select the appropriate radio button:
    • Replace Project - will add to the document to the current project
    • Save as New Project - will prompt you save this set of documents as a new project
  • Select OK and then CLOSE
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