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1.2. Email Application Integration

Attach Plus currently works with:

  • Outlook® (2000 through 2016) - 32 bit* desktop installed versions
  • Outlook Express® (6.0)
  • Groupwise® (6.0 and above)
  • Goldmine® e-mail (5 and above)
  • ACT!® e-mail (6 and above)
  • Eudora® (6 and above)
  • Lotus Notes® (6.0 and above)**
  • Thunderbird**
  • Netscape 7 and above**
  • Hotmail / Windows Live Mail**
  • Yahoo!Mail*** (see setup FAQ)
  • Gmail*** (see setup FAQ)

*Attach Plus does not integrate with the 64 bit version of Outlook, for more information visit I have a 64 bit version of Outlook! What should I do?  Also, 'Click to Run' versions of Office are known to cause integration issues.  Lastly, Attach Plus does not integrate with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Limitations within Office 2016:
> Attach Plus does not support the "Recent Docs" list in Outlook 2016.  It does still support attaching by using the paperclip, then 'Browse'.
> Office 2016 applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) do not appear to respect the MAPI configuration for Attach Plus.  As such, Attach Plus will not integrate when using the "Share" menu shortcut.

**Paperclip button integration not available.

***Paperclip button integration not available; requires additional software from Affixa. 

Attach Plus is NOT compatible with AOL, as AOL does not allow external integration.  Attach Plus is also not compatible with Mac-based programs.

To inquire about integration with additional e-mail applications, please visit Testing Integration with new E-mail Applications.

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