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20.2. Search for Documents using Favorites Lists

If you want a quick way to find the documents you've recently accessed, you can utilize the Worldox Favorites Files list (also known as Worklist Files).

  • To do so, select the Favorite Files button
  • The List -> Selected Worklists window will open
  • Select the double check mark Select All icon to get a new search results window with all of your favorite files listed
To select specific favorite files, you can select the category (or categories) of favorite files you'd like to view using the check boxes

Note: The Worklist Files categories represent the method used to access the files using Worldox, not the type of file in the Worklist Files (e.g., .doc or .xls).  If you choose Word files from the list, Worldox displays a list of documents you recently saved from within Word. These are not necessarily all Word files you recently saved (because there are many different ways to save a Word document using Worldox).   If you saved a Word file by using WorkZone or by copying the file from a folder on your network, these Word documents would not appear in the Word list, because they were not saved by using Microsoft Word.  To locate a Word file saved using WorkZone, you would choose WorkZone from the list.

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