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11.4. What happens if the Indexer software isn't running?

Remember, the WDIndex software running on your Indexer machine is responsible for keeping the indexes up to date on your file server.

So, what happens if the Indexer machine isn't logged in?  What happens if there is a problem with the Indexer software?

First, it's important to understand that the Worldox Document Repository is located on your file server.  Therefore, when you complete a profile card to file a document, that document *is* getting saved on your file server.  The Indexer software monitors that directory but does not actually store documents on the Indexer workstation.

An analogy is often helpful for understanding the implications of the Indexer software or machine not running.  Let's take the concept of a cookbook.  Let's say you're looking for a recipe for a chicken casserole.  Unless it's a favorite recipe, you probably look at the index in the back of the cookbook to find what page the recipe is on, right?  You can find that recipe under, say, "Chicken" or "Casseroles". 

Let's say that you insert a recipe for a chicken casserole in the middle of your cookbook.  Now, if you don't update the indexes at the back of the cookbook, is the recipe still there?  Sure.  You might have to "thumb" through the cookbook to find it, but it's in there.  It's just not yet indexed.

So when you file documents to Worldox, you're really putting "recipes in the cookbook".  What happens if the indexes don't get updated (in other words, the Indexer isn't running)?  The document is still filed on your file server, you just have to "thumb through" the documents to find the one you're looking for.  This is called performing a non-indexed search.

Now, just like in the cookbook, when you thumb through the book to find the right recipe, you will see *all* the recipes in the book, not just the one you added.  Same concept with a non-indexed search.  Also, just like finding recipes by thumbing through the pages, this is going to take a bit longer, and the more you know about the location of the document the faster the non-indexed search will be.

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