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11.2. What is the Indexer?

One component of the Worldox document management system is an application called the Indexer.  The indexer performs background processing to ensure the Worldox index files are kept up-to-date.  This application must run on a dedicated computer referred to as the Indexer workstation.

Indexer Workstation – The Indexer workstation must be used exclusively for performing Worldox indexing operations, and needs to remain logged on 24x7.  For this reason, users may not use the Indexer workstation for day-to-day operations such as scanning or regular office use.  Its sole job is to be logged on for the various document management software applications that your firm uses.

Indexer Software – The Indexer software ("WDINDEX") is one of the programs that run on the Indexer workstation.  It keeps the Worldox indexes up to date. The Indexer software does a nightly rebuild to update the profile information and the text information for text-in-file searching.  It doesn't actually *store* any documents.  Its job is to connect to the server location where your documents are stored and look for what has been added and what has changed.  This keeps the "indexes" updated so that you can search quickly.  See below for a screenshot of the Indexer software:

Hardware Requirements

Minimum system requirements for the Indexer PC can be found here: http://support.trumpetinc.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=20
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