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19.2. Set up Style Sheets

You can set up Style Sheets based on different file lists, or have one Style Sheet for all your lists.
Perform a search using the File List for which you would like to set up the Style Sheet.
Set up the window as you would like it to appear for that type of list:
  • Determine which columns you would like to display, the width of those columns, and the sort of those columns and set those up.  (For more information on adding columns, and sorting, visit the chapter on Column Headers).
  • Determine whether or not you would like to view the Navigation Panel, and the width of the Navigation Panel and set those up.
  • Determine which tab you would like to view at the bottom of the Search Results Screen, and the height in which you would like to view that tab and set that up.
  • Select the Styles -> Save Button on the right side of the Location bar.
  • The Window Styles dialog will open.
  • Check the boxes next to the styles you wish to save, along with the List Type you wish to save them for
  • Select "Only Me" to save the window styles for just yourself, or select "Everyone" to save this style for everyone.
Note:  The "everyone" option will be available only to users who have the ability to make global changes
  • Click "Save"
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