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2.4. Introduction to Document Repositories

Worldox maintains different document repositories for the documents that you file.  Here is a list of the repositories and what they contain:

  • Active - This repository is the default repository.  When you complete a profile card to save a document into Worldox, that document is automatically stored in the Active Repository
  • Archive - You may wish to move documents to an Archive after they have been in your system for a long period of time.  This will ensure that they do not appear in your normal search results List, but are still accessible by searching that specific repository
  • Legal Hold - This is a "read-only" repository.  Moving documents to this repository allows you to ensure that users are not able to edit the files in this repository, but can still view them
  • Salvage - When you move documents to the Salvage Bin, they appear in this repository for a period of ninety days (by default).  This is similar to the Windows Recycle Bin.  From here you can restore documents you have inadvertently sent to the Salvage Bin
  • Offline - This is a local repository where files are stored when you are not connected to the network drive that the Active Document Repository is located.  These files can be found only by the user who is logged into the machine that is offline

You can search the various repositories by selecting the "Search What" button in the search card:

and by selecting the appropriate repository:

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