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19.1. Introduction to Style Sheets

Style sheets allow you to customize the look and feel of your Worldox search results screen.  They also allow you to have a different look and feel based on the type of list you're displaying in Worldox.
For example, you may wish to have your Folder List appear more like a Window's explorer view, and your Worldox Search Results display with different column headers.  You can set different style sheets for each type of list,  have one for all the various types of list, or pick and choose as well.
Here's an example of a solid Style Sheet for the Search Results List (you may want to display different things, and these are completely customizable).
Here's how the Folder List looks using the same Style Sheet:
If you prefer, you can set up the Folder Lists to appear more like the Window's Explorer screen by adding and removing columns, etc.  Here's an example:
Here you can see the folder tree on the left hand side, the location of the documents, and other column headers.
Note:  This chapter provides information on setting up your default Worldox Style Sheet or Search Results Window.  For more information on configuring column headers for different types of searches, please see:  Column Headers
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