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16.1. Introduction to Column Headers

Column headers are simply the columns that you can display in your Worldox Search Results Screen.  Here's an illustration pointing to the column headers:

The columns represent both meta data regarding the file, and the profile of the file that you have highlighted.

As you can see based on the teal font in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, this file highlighted is in the Client\Cabinet and the column headers are labeled for the field that is represented underneath for that file.  The last column when highlighted on this particular file is labeled "Status".

When we select a different file (in this instance we'll select one from the Client\Investment Accounts cabinet) the column headers will change according to the profile of the document.

As you can see when highlighted on this document, the last column is listed as AcctNo.

This is because in the Client\Investment Account cabinet this field is labeled AcctNo, and in the Client\Client Cabinet, the field is labeled Status.

This search results list is sorted by the Category field as indicated by the blue triangle next to the field.

You can add/ remove/ resize, and sort on the various fields.

Note:  This chapter provides you with information on adding and removing columns along with saving column headers for use later.  If you'd like to set up a default column header template for your search results, please see the chapter on Style Sheets.


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