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15.9. Preview Documents - Preview Window Tools

If you are viewing a document in the "Preview Window" you have some additional tools that you can use.

Open - Opens the document in it's native application

Next File - Will preview the next file in your search results list

Previous File - Will preview the previous file in your search results lists

Text - Will open a text window where you can search for text within that specific file

There are also a few other tools which are relatively self explanatory.

Finally, you have three tabs within the Preview window:

Full View - This provides you with a full view of the document

Comments  - Here you can view and edit comments associated with the file.  This can be particularly useful if you want to add notes about the document, etc.

Profile - Here you can view and edit the profile of the document if you find while previewing that this document is not filed correctly, or wish to edit a Code Look Up Table value for the document.

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