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15.2. Location Bar - Search for document descriptions and doc ids

You may wish to conduct a search in all cabinets for documents that have a word or phrase in their description without selecting the "New Search" button or other bookmark buttons.  A quick and easy way to do this is to use the Location Bar.

In the location bar, type the word or phrase you'd like to search for and hit the enter button on your keyboard (or the green check beside the field).  Here's an illustration of searching for the word "agreement" in the location bar:

Note that in the illustration above, we are finding documents that contain the word "Agreement" in the description field regardless of the cabinet.

The caveat to this is with regards to numerical values.  If you place a numerical value (e.g. 2012) in the location bar, it will not find documents that contain 2012 in the description.  Rather, Worldox will search for the unique document identifier 2012.

Therefore, if you wish to search for a document by it's unique identifier, you can type the document identifier in the location bar.

Note:  The words "Project" and "Library" also do not properly search.  If you are looking for those specific words, you can type "Project*" or "Library*"

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