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17.9. Save As - Saving Versions of Documents

Word & Excel Documents:

If you are working with Word or Excel documents, you can save new versions of those documents by performing a "Save As" operation after opening the document.

  • From a file saved to Worldox, select "File -> Save As"

  • Select "Save as Version #.  The prior version will be preserved."

  • When saving a new version, you can also add a comment about what's different about that version (e.g., version 2 - updated section referencing which assets should not be traded)

Other Document Types:

For other document types (Powerpoint and others), you must create a version of the document within Worldox before you open it.

  • Highlight the document in the Worldox Search Results Screen.

  • Right click and choose List-> New

  • Select "Yes" in the confirmation dialog.

Note:  There can be up to 256 version of a file.  A file's "current version" is the file as it exists "right now" and is saved in its native format (e.g. as a .docx or .xlsx file). There can only be one current version of a file.  When you save an existing file as a new version, both the current version and the previous version of the file are saved.  However, previous versions are not listed in the main Worldox Search Results window.  Only the current version is shown and the current version is the latest version number.  Therefore, if you have a document that is on Version 3, and you reopen and resave Version 1, while Version 1 may have a modified date of later than Version 3, Version 3 will be the current version.


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