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12.3. Use Code Lookup Tables

Here we will focus on filling in the code lookup tables, or the items below the divider line.  The divider line is the "Cabinet" field.

In order to search for documents, you fill information into the search card for the document or set of documents for which you are looking.

In the illustration below, we are looking for documents filed to the Investment Accounts cabinet, where the profile includes the code associated with Candace Clark - "CLARCA1" in the Client field.  You can select the items in the field code lookup tables by selecting the button on the left, and selecting the appropriate entry from the table.

If you want your search results to include documents filed to the Client cabinet, where the profile is for third party correspondence for Candace Clark, your "filled in" search card with values from descriptive lookup tables would look like this:

The general rule of thumb is that the more fields that are completed the narrower your search results will be.

In addition, you need not search by client at all.  You can certainly search for all documents that meet any given criteria.  For example, you might want to find all third party correspondence for all clients.  Simply select the appropriate Category and Doc Type fields, leaving the Client field blank.

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