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10.1. Introduction to Comments

You may have noticed that there is a "Comments" section that you can fill in when completing the Profile Card.

This is an optional field that allows you to type in comments regarding the document of which you are saving or editing the profile.  This can include anything you'd like it to, and is a free-form typing field.

When you begin typing in the field, it will expand and provide you with additional options:

  • ABC - performs a spell check on the comments section

  • Apply Comments - actually "saves" or applies the comments you type

  • Insert Keyword - selecting this dialog opens a field code lookup table specifically for Comments.  Here is an example:

    This field code lookup table is a special one that is available for all filing cabinets.  You can add, edit, and delete keywords as necessary.  This is particularly convenient when you want to enter the same text in the comments field often.

  • Undo Changes - undoes the changes you made
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