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9.6. Organize Quick Profile Templates

Organizing Quick Profile templates allow you to group like templates together.  For example, you may want a folder for Agreements and within that folder, you might have a "Financial Planning Agreement" and an "Investment Advisory Agreement" Quick Profile template.


Here's how to create the folder structure:

  • Select "Quick Profile Menu" from the Profile Card
  • Choose "Add/Edit Quick Profiles"
  • Select the "Public Profiles" or "My Profiles" tab accordingly
  • Click "New" at the bottom of the window
  • Select the cabinet
  • Populate the static fields as appropriate by selecting from the code lookup tables
  • Select "Save"
  • When naming the Quick Profile template, title it first with the name of the folder (e.g., Agreement), followed by a backslash (\) then the name of the template (e.g., Investment Advisory Agreement)
  • Select "OK"

The value before the backslash will create a folder with that name.

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