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9.3. Set Default Quick Profile Template

You may find that you do more saving in the Accounts cabinet, or Client cabinet, or perhaps the Tax cabinet during tax season.  It's very easy to change your default Quick Profile template and you can do so as often as you'd like. Here's how:

  • From the profile card, highlight the Quick Profile template you wish to make your default whenever you save a document
  • Right-click and choose "Set as Default Quick Profile"
  • If you have Power User rights, you can choose to set the default Quick Profile for everyone, or just yourself

If you want to change it in an hour, a week, or a month, it's easy to change.

Note the heart icon indicates the current default Quick Profile:

Disable Default Quick Profile

If you prefer not to set a default Quick Profile, just right-click on the current default Quick Profile and select "Clear Default".  Note that when you do not have a default Quick Profile selected, you will receive the "Select Cabinet" list to choose your cabinet each time you execute a save:

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