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9.4. Create Quick Profile Templates

Quick Profile templates are easy to create. Since these are templates, when creating a new template, only pre-populate the fields in which a static value will always apply (such as Status or Doc Type).  In other words, typically, you will not want to specify a client when creating a template, as that will hard code that same client's name every time that template is used.

Here's how to create a Quick Profile template:

Note:  To access the tool for creating Quick Profile templates, you must be in the process of saving a document.

  1. Select "Quick Profile Menu" in the Worldox Profile Card
  2. Choose "Add/Edit Quick Profiles"
  3. To create a public Quick Profile, select the "Public Profiles" tab. To create a Quick Profile for just yourself, select the "My Profiles" tab
  4. Click "New" at the bottom of the window
  5. Select the cabinet that this Quick Profile should use
  6. Use the field code lookup tables to populate the fields that should be used in this template
    Tip: To automatically pre-populate the Filed By field with the name of the person that is using the Quick Profile, use the *WDUSER formula.
  7. Select "Save"
  8. Give the Quick Profile template a meaningful name and click "OK"

You have now created a Quick Profile template!  This template will now appear in alphabetical order in either your My Profiles or Public Profiles tab (depending on what you selected in step 3).

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