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2.1. Introduction to the Search Card

Each document filed to Worldox has a profile card associated with it.  Therefore, in order to find a particular document, you'll enter information associated with the profile card into a search card in order to search for the file.

Here's an example of a search card:

There is a divider in the search card (the Cabinet field) which visually separates the fields on the bottom from those on the top. The fields on the bottom half are based on field code lookup tables specific to the document's profile.  The fields on the top are common among all filing cabinets.

Non-Code Lookup Table Fields (Metadata)

Here is a brief description of what each of the fields in the top portion of the search card search for:

Desc/Comments - Searches for a word or words used in the Description or Comments fields of the profile card

Date Modified - Searches the date that a file was most recently modified (when a change was made to the document).  If no changes have been made to the document, the Date Modified is the same as the Date Created

Date Created - Searches the date that a file was created (this is based on when the file was created in Windows - not necessarily when it was first saved into Worldox)

Date Accessed - Searches the date a file was last accessed

Text in File - Searches for keywords or phrases *within* the actual document

Code Lookup Table Fields

Click on the "Cabinet" button.  This displays a list of all of your cabinets.

The fields that appear on the search card are dependent on which cabinet(s) you have selected.

Each field is tied to a field code lookup table.  This is an example of a field code lookup table:

Note: These are the *same* code lookup tables that you use when you save a document.

Each code lookup table has two values: a code and a description.  

The code lookup tables for each field are different.

To select an entry in the code lookup table, simply double-click on it.

When you select an entry, the search field becomes populated with the code you selected.

 In order to search for a document saved in Worldox, you simply fill in the field(s) you wish to search and select "Search".

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