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9.4. Attach Plus not running errors


Attach Plus is running, but you get the following error message when you print to the Attach Plus print driver:



This means that you are somehow running Attach Plus in a different process space than your source application.  If you are doing a Send To->Mail Recipient operation from a file on your desktop, and you are still getting this error, then it means that Attach Plus is the one running in a separate process space.

This can be caused by several things:

1.  If you have turned Compatibility Mode on for the AttachPlus.exe process, the operating system will run Attach Plus in a restricted mode that effectively forces it into a private process space.  To check this, right click on the AttachPlus.exe file, Compatibilty tab, and ensure that the following settings are UNchecked:

  • Run this program in compatibility mode
  • Run this program as an administrator

As a matter of course, you should not have ANY checkbox checked in the Compatibility tab.

2.  If UAC on your workstation is mis-configured, Attach Plus may be launching with UAC Virtualization enabled.  To check this, open Task Manager, Processes tab.  Locate the AttachPlus.exe process, right click and ensure that the UAC Virtualization checkbox is UNchecked:


After making the above changes, you will need to close and re-open Attach Plus.

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