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7.1. Daily Status Emails

The most important tool in your arsenal as the Symphony Administrator are the Daily Status Emails.  These help you troubleshoot items as they occur.  Ignoring these emails will cause you no end of pain and struggle.  If this wasn't a big deal, Symphony Profiler wouldn't have the capabilities of sending the emails to you!!!

Monday through Friday, the person(s) identified in the Symphony Profiler Processor Email Settings should receive an email with a status of all pending reservations, unprocessed files, or other alerts.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive the daily email, check the Symphony Profiler Processor immediately.

Here's what the email will look like:

In this example, there were two files scanned that didn't have reservations (the Unprocessed Input Files) and a number of reservations that haven't yet been fulfilled. As reservations get older, they will switch from green to yellow to red.

Note: Unprocessed Input Files less than five days old will have a green status, less than ten days (but older than five) will be yellow and anything ten days or older will have a red status.

Tip: See Daily Status Email Troubleshooting Process to determine how to resolve these issues.

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