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3.2. Symphony Profiler Workstation Installation

By default, Symphony Profiler will install the workstation component to the Worldox menu and button bar of all users.  Using the Symphony Imaging menu in the Worldox interface allows users to do most things directly from Worldox.

Note:  If you would rather revert to the 'legacy' method of installing the workstation component to each machine individually, the steps are listed below.  And if you would like to move away from the 'legacy' method and use the new Worldox integrated method, you can un-install the Symphony Profiler workstation component from each machine and begin using the integrated menu/button.  One big advantage of using the new method is that nothing has to be touched on the workstation when installing a Symphony Profiler update. 

Note:  If you don't see the Symphony menu/button automatically when the feature is enabled (the default setting), the resolution takes about 5 seconds, and only needs to be done once on the workstation - How to Add the 'Create Reservations' button to Worldox.

The Symphony Imaging menu provides users with most of the functionality as you would have if you installed the Symphony Profiler Workstation.  The major differences: 

  1. If the user requires Background File Transfer, they must choose to "Start Scans Transfer"
  2. Users are unable to view Processor Status from the Symphony Imaging window.
  3. As mentioned above, when utilizing the Symphony Imaging menu, users will not be prompted to install / update to latest code which can be great for folks with locked down systems.

You can certainly opt to have most users take advantage of the Symphony Imaging menu and have select folks utilize the full Workstation installation.

Symphony Imaging Menu Installation

In the Symphony Profiler Processor, navigate to Edit -> Preferences -> Worldox, and check the 'Add Symphony menu and button to Worldox'

Symphony Workstation Installation

These instructions apply to both regular Workstation and Terminal Server installations:

  1. Navigate to X:\SymphonyProfiler\Workstation\Mirror\ (Where "X" is the network location to which Symphony is installed)
    for some firms, the folder location may be X:\Trumpet\ExpressProfile\Workstation\Mirror
  2. Double click on the Workstation Setup executable in that folder
  3. From the "Symphony Profiler Workstation Setup" window, select "Next"
  4. Leave the default destination folder as is, and click "Install"
  5. Leave the "Start Symphony Profiler Workstation" check box checked, and select "Finish"
  6. The Symphony Profiler icon should now be in the system tray

These instructions should be followed on all workstations that will use Symphony Profiler.

IMPORTANT! Ensure that all scanners in the firm are configured to scan at a minimum of 300dpi.  Documents scanned with 200dpi or lower do not produce a clear enough barcode for Symphony Profiler to read.

Silent Mode Installations

If you wish to deploy Symphony Profiler Workstation using a batch deployment system, the Workstation installer can be run in silent mode - please refer to the Installing Symphony Profiler Workstation in Silent Mode article for details.

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