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2.2. Components of Symphony Profiler

Symphony Profiler is made up of three main compontents, listed and illustrated below:

Symphony Profiler Architecture

  • Symphony Profiler Workstation - Allows users to make file reservations.  Reservations are stored in the Worldox document repository
  • Scans Folder - Documents scanned from any device and/or workstation are placed in one or more monitored scans folders
  • Symphony Profiler Processor - Monitors scans folders for newly scanned files, fulfills reservations and saves the results back to the Worldox document repository

Where Does Symphony Profiler Get Installed?

Network Symphony Installation is the main installation for Symphony Profiler.  This is known as the *network* installation) gets installed onto a shared drive on your file server. The network Symphony installation consists of:

  • Centralized configuration files
  • Symphony Profiler Processor (the Symphony back-end processor) is installed to the local disk of a back-end workstation (typically the Worldox Indexer PC)
  • Symphony Profiler Workstation (the Symphony end-user component) may be installed to the local disk of each workstation that will be making reservations, however it is accessible directly from the Worldox user interface.  Our recommended strategy is to utilize the embedded instance of Symphony Profiler from within Worldox.


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